10-round series for EHC in 2023


As revealed by the World Motor Sport Council on December 7, the calendar for the 2023 FIA European Hill Climb Championship will consist of 10 stages.


As usual, the tournament will start in France and end in Croatia, after eight other countries have passed. The full calendar is shown below.

The performance factor will continue to apply fully in Class 1, while it will be adopted, on a trial basis, in Class 2. For the first time in its ‘modern’ history, Hill Climb now has its own sections in Appendix J: Article 258-1 for Class 1 cars will come into effect on January 1, 2023, while Section 258-2 for Class 2 cars takes effect on January 1, 2024. Both can be found here.

As per the proposal by the Hill Climb Committee, the World Council has also validated the 2023 calendar for the International Hill Climb Cup, which will include 4 events (see below).

EHC 2023 regulations can be found hereThe calendars for 2023 are as follows:

2023 FIA European Hill Climb Championship

State competition history

14-16/04 France Saint-Jean-du-Gard – Colonel Saint-Pierre

28-30/04 AUT Rechberg

05-07/05 ENG boarding the Vito

19-21/05 PRT Rampa da Valbeira

02-04/06 CZE Behold, Sternberg’s man

16-18/06 ETA Paulino Teodori Cup

6/30/02/07 Paul Limanowa

18-20 / 08 st. Ursanne – Les Rangers

01-03 / 09 SVN GHD Petrol Ilirska Bistrica

15 – 17/09 HRV Buzet Days

2023 FIA International Hill Climb Cup

State competition history

05-07 / 05 POL Spinners Race Krosno – Korczyna

09-11/06 ETA Trento Bondoni

23-25/06 SVN GHD Gorjanci

04-06 / 08 DEU Osnabruck

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