49ers News: Who’s Better, 49ers or Cowboys: Offensive Edition


Since week 13, it has become a program 49ers He was the third highest offensive DVOA ranking in the NFL compared to Dallas’ 14th highest ranking. One team has floundered down the stretch, mainly due to personnel fluctuations, while the other has thrived. The question posed in the title may seem one-sided, but let’s go through each position to determine who has the advantage.



Numbers rarely tell the whole story of any position, and this is no different for Brock Purdy and Dak Prescott. On the surface, Purdy had a 13/4 touchdown to interception ratio averaging 8.1 yards per attempt.

Prescott, in 12 games, had a 23/15 touchdown to interception ratio while averaging 7.3 yards per attempt. Prescott’s interceptions have been along the modern streak on the net, as he has turned the ball over 11 times in his last seven games — a handful of those weren’t in the Duck.

Despite the difference in interceptions, Prescott’s throwing percentage due to Duran was only one percent higher than Birdie’s. By comparison, Prescott had a much higher PFF “big time throwing percentage” of 4.5 percent compared to Birdie’s 1.7.

Purdy is more of a “gunslinger” than Prescott, who rivals the computer in the way he skims through his reads and quickly discerns what the defense is doing in coverage.

Since its sophomore season IowaPurdy skipped the bottom lane of the deep ball. So the above play is not new. Also, for the record, Ayuk he First reading, here’s where the ball is ought to Go ahead, according to Kyle Shanahan’s playbook:


Anyway, if we’re using games late in the regular season to discuss which player you prefer, what Prescott did against the Jaguars and Eagles was more impressive than Purdy did in any of his starts.

No small feat for a 23-year-old rookie with the strongest support team in the NFL, but it must be taken into account. Prescott was surgical on the wild card round, while Prescott’s early nervousness made this a relatively easy decision.

Edge: cowboy

running back

Christian McCaffrey would have had 1,000 yards rushing and receiving had he played with the 49ers all season. However, Elijah Mitchell proved to be quite the change of pace. He only had 45 carries during the regular season, but he averaged 6.2 yards per carry.

The Cowboys have a solid double, with Tony Pollard ranking third in the NFL in rushing yards above expectations and passing the 1,000-yard mark while averaging 5.2 yards per carry. Zeke Elliott may no longer have the explosiveness he once did, but he’s one of the best pass defense defenders in the NFL and is great at short yard situations.

Both are among the most explosive mainstays in the NFL. From Week 10 onwards, Pollard has the third-best percentage of carries going for at least 15 yards, while McCaffrey is fifth. Zeke was right behind McCaffrey in sixth – he’s no slouch.

Pollard and McCaffrey had a 50 percent success rate on the season, but CMC more than doubled Pollard’s receiving production.

Pollard and McCaffrey were among the league leaders in yards after tackle and breaking tackle percentage, but Christian’s added value through the air gives the 49ers an advantage.

Edge: 49ers

Pass catcher

CeeDee Lamb is an exceptional talent who makes her straw in the hole. Lamb finished sixth in the NFL in receiving yards this season but has the third most points, according to Sports Info Solutions. Here’s how the top ten passers on each team stack up for each SIS. Think of total points earned as WAR (Winnings Above Replacement):

lamb – 45
George Keitel – 38
Debo Samuel – 30
Brandon Ayuk – 27
Dalton Schultz – 21
Jake Ferguson – 11
Ray Ray McCloud – 7
Joan Jennings – 7
Noah Brown – 2
Michael Gallup – 2

Samuel averaged nine yards after the catch, which was comfortably the highest mark of any 50-plus player in the NFL.

This may not come as a surprise, but Jennings had the highest rate of first downs at 65 percent, slightly higher than Gallup’s rate of 64 percent, and not far ahead of Lamb and Ayuk.

Speaking of BA, his last goal was a touchdown, but he only had four touchdowns all season, giving him the best touchdown rate (4.3%) among top players.

Depo has more than twice the number of broken tackles as second to Aiyuk, who had more than Lamb. However, this doesn’t seem like a fair comparison, as it often takes multiple defenders to pull Samuel down.

I’ll take Lamb before I take any of the 49 receivers. But I’d take Kittle, Samuel, and Aiyuk in any order before catching the next Cowboys pass. Since this is a team sport and we follow the set of locations, the Niners have a better and deeper selection of weapons, and that has been proven throughout the season.

Schultz is fine but more of a product to play in the Dallas system, while other receivers leave enough to be desired for Dallas to sign 33-year-old TY Hilton in December. That says it all.

Edge: 49ers

offensive line

If Prescott or Purdy didn’t have the time, the guns didn’t matter. Dallas couldn’t get much of anything going on on the ground against Tampa Bay. They averaged four yards per carry on 32 attempts, with that number being supported by a pair of Pollard’s 15-yard carries.

Start the offensive line for each team

LT Tyler Smith LG Connor McGovern C. Tyler Biadache RJ Zack Martin RT Tyrone Smith
LT Tyler Smith LG Connor McGovern C. Tyler Biadache RJ Zack Martin RT Tyrone Smith
LT Trent Williams LG Aaron Banks C. Jake Brendel RJ Spencer Burford RT Mike McGlinchey

The Cowboys have had to go around some players due to injuries, but this is their best lineup. Tyron Smith has played the last four games at right tackle. Tyler Smith is a rookie but a rock star.

PFF scores are somewhat subjective for me, so we’ll refer to total points earned to give an idea of ​​how each player has performed this season:

Woe – 38
Martin – 38
Brindle – 34
Tyler Smith – 27
Williams – 26
McGovern – 25
McGlinchey – 24
Banks – 22
Burford – 16
Daniel Brunskill -15
Tyrone Smith – 4

I included Brunskill where he and Burford split time at right guard, and that remained the case in the playoffs, with Burford playing only twice more than Brunskill.

The 49ers are fourth in the NFL in adjusted line yards at 4.7, while the Cowboys are 17th at 4.3. Assessment of the offensive hook can be difficult because you can’t ignore the schemer or the midfielder.

For example, the Niners had the third fewest sacks in the NFL, but we know that Kyle Shanahan goes out of his way to quickly get the ball out of the quarterback’s hands. As a result, the PFF gave the 49ers the third-highest pass-blocking efficiency score, while Dallas was 11th.

This one is too close to call it. I love San Francisco on the ground, but Dallas as a single traffic jams.

Edge: tie

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