6 reasons why American poker players are thankful for Turkey Day


Happy thanks to our fellow US poker players! It was a great year for our great game, giving poker players many reasons to be thankful today and every day.


Since the last time we all devoured multiple plates full of turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce, the poker community has had many fights. cheating scandalsSome grieved lossesOnline poker is not legalized by other countries. But we won’t focus on the negatives today, and instead we’ll look at the many reasons we can be grateful for what we have.

The most popular World Series of Poker ever

2022 wsop poker

The annual poker finest extravaganza – The World Series of Poker It’s never been bigger or more fun. We’ve arrived in a summer when poker fans have been raving about the series’ new location (Bally’s), and The second largest An all-time major event, and an overall increase in attendance at many events.

There is no better measure of the popularity of poker in any given year than WSOP turnout. The 2022 WSOP Prove that the poker community has outgrown the pandemic and tournament poker is alive and well like never before.

We can also be thankful that Bally’s will be renovating soon – they already have a new poker room – and Rebranded as Horseshoe Las Vegas. By the time the 2023 WSOP rolls around, the facility will look nicer and more modern.

WPT is still crushing it 20 years later

The WSOP is not the only criterion for testing the popularity of poker tournaments. We can also look at World Poker Tour The turnout, which has been incredible since the pandemic, is about to get even better.

Next month, WPT will host the largest guaranteed prize pool event in the history of live tournaments ($15 million) at Wynn in Las Vegas. Buying $10,400 in WPT World Championship The December 12-20 numbers will be one of the most exciting poker events ever.

In its 20th season, turnout for WPT over the past year has been objectively excellent, which is another thing to be thankful for. Take, for example, a $3,500 purchase Lucky Hearts Open Poker in Hollywood, Florida in January, which had 982 participants. Or, you buy for $5,000 WPT Venice in July, which took place during the WSOP Main Event but still had a whopping 1,188 entrants, easily surpassing the $5 million guaranteed prize pool.

wpt cake

The Gift That Keeps Giving: Hustler Casino Live

Say what you will about the alleged Robbie Jarrett cheating scandal, but no one denies the positive impact Banter Live Casino He has been in the poker world for the past year. And for that, we should all be thankful.

Hustler Casino Live has nearly 200,000 YouTube subscribers and has completely dominated the live poker scene. show, a Nick Vertucci And the Ryan Feldman production, has created new poker celebrities such as Wesley Fay And the Alan Keatingsomething that is much needed in poker in recent years.

Additional reason to be thankful: the historical one “MrBeast Game,” Hcl live stream in may with Phil HellmuthAnd the Tom Duane, and some of the most popular Twitch and YouTube streamers. At one point in the show, over 100,000 people tuned in, making it the most watched live stream in poker history…by a landslide.

Allen Kessler’s Food Porn Tweets

Poker Allen Kessler

Allen Kessler. a star Poker News “Chainsaw Report” During the WSOP, it is a national treasure. He is truly one of the most valued members of the poker community, although his bad stories can be a bit sickening at times.

However, “Saw” is quite the character and we should all be thankful he’s a part of our little world. Kessler is also an underrated poker player. His tight playing style is often criticized to the point of disrespect, and while many say he’ll never win a WSOP bracelet until he gets loose, the fact of the matter is that he has 98 moneys in bracelet events and another 105 in WSOP circuit tournaments. You can spin however you want, but if winning hundreds of poker tournaments against some of the best players in the world were so easy, everyone would.

But we’re even more grateful this year for Kessler’s food porn tweets. The pictures he shares of cute hamburgers, Vegetable free chicken soup, and greasy fast food—all propelled with casino fixtures, of course—will make your mouth water (or vomit). Just take a look at the main photo to see what he saw last night at the grand opening of a new Italian restaurant in Las Vegas.

We love you, Allen, but your eating habits are those of a 10-year-old. Please never change.

Poker bloggers

It’s almost crazy to think how far poker vlogs have come over the past few years. We should all be thankful to vloggers like Andrew Nim, Brad OwenAnd the Ethan “Rumpage” YawAnd the Burton time, and many others because they are just as responsible for the continued growth of poker as anyone else. And a special shout out to the first to make a serious effort at vlog poker, Tim “thetrooper97” Wattswhich paved the way for the current generation of poker vloggers.

Poker vlogs have offset the decline in televised poker shows, and have done a great deal to promote the game. Gone are the days of poker on mainstream cable TV, and vlogs have filled the void left by the poker boom era.

No one has built a bigger brand through vlogging than Owen, who YouTube channel Our channel has over 640,000 subscribers, which at one time seemed impossible in our relatively small stature.

Poker in Texas

Texas house card dallas

Texas is the second largest US state with over 29 million residents. Unfortunately, the Lone Star State has some very strict anti-gambling laws and the future of poker in Texas is not entirely clear. There are a number of politicians across the state fighting for an end to any form of gambling, including poker.

With that being said, there are dozens of poker clubs in operation and we should all be thankful for that because the future of Texas poker is not guaranteed. As we speak, one major card room in Dallas – Texas Card House – is engaged in a legal battle with the city to remain openand multiple poker rooms across the state have been raided over the past year.

Texas is an important state for poker because of its population, and it would be a crushing blow if those fighting to ban poker won the battle. However, we are confident that cooler presidents will prevail and there will be some strong legislators who understand how dire the situation for thousands of people in Texas out of work would be if the state were to ban poker.

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