A look at Major League Baseball’s landmarks in Milwaukee

The Brewers’ upcoming two-game series with the St. Louis Cardinals at American Family Field may be the last Milwaukee ever sees as one of his opponents, Albert Pujols. He’s looking for his 700th home career, joining the three all-time superstars (Barry Bonds, Henry Aaron, Babe Ruth) in the rarest of air.

The Pujols entered September 23 with a number 698 in his ledger and three more matches before hitting Milwaukee.

Brewers fans naturally prefer to go ahead and save the achievement for someone else. After all, he already has 45 of them against the Brewers—which, perhaps surprisingly, is the lowest of the other four teams in the National Central League (he’s pretty shy of former NL Central teammate Houston, whose Pujols has a career best against 62 blasts).

But hey, a little history might be cool too, right? right?

You may still have ticket stubs (remember that?) for some of these important moments that will happen on Milwaukee land, some for the good people and some…

List of all MLB players in Milwaukee

  • Jim Wilson, Milwaukee Bravis. 2-0 win over Philadelphia on June 12, 1954
  • Lou Burdett, Milwaukee Braves. 1–0 victory over Philadelphia on August 18, 1960
  • Warren Spahn, Milwaukee Bravis. 4-0 victory over Philadelphia on September 16, 1960
  • Warren Spahn, Milwaukee Bravis. 1-0 win over San Francisco on April 28, 1961
  • Steve Busby, Kansas City Royals. 2-0 win over Milwaukee on June 19, 1974
  • Carlos Zambrano, Chicago Cubs. 5-0 win over Houston on September 14, 2008*
  • Alec Mills, Chicago Cubs. 12-0 win over Milwaukee on September 13, 2020

* Milwaukee served as the neutral location for a game that was moved due to a hurricane in Houston.

Sean Green of the Los Angeles Dodgers hits his fourth home run in the game against the Milwaukee Brewers in the ninth round on Thursday, May 23, 2002, in Milwaukee.  Green set a league record by four runs in the Los Angeles Dodgers' 16-2 victory over the Milwaukee Brewers.

Four-man games in Milwaukee written by Willie Mays and Sean Green

  • Willie Mays, San Francisco Giants. A 14-4 win over Milwaukee on April 30, 1961. At the time, he was the ninth player in Major League history to score four runs in one game, and drive in eight.
  • Sean Green, Los Angeles Dodgers. 16-3 win over Milwaukee on May 23, 2002. The Green went 6 for 6 with a record-breaking six-stroke record, scoring five additional key strokes and Record 19 total rules. He broke the last record of 18 set by Joe Adcock of the Brooklyn Braves, and he talks about it…
Harvey Haddicks of the Pittsburgh Pirates wipes his brow as he jokes with baseball history as he makes a perfect 12-round run against the Milwaukee Braves on May 27, 1959. He lost the game 1-0 in the 13th inning.

May 26, 1959: Harvey Haddix is ​​considered one of the greatest shooting shows in the MLB

For an impressive 12 rounds, Harvey Haddix spinned what many consider the greatest game of all time, and still lost out. He retired the first 36 men he faced, but although Milwaukee Braves player Leo Burdett wasn’t perfect, he matched the Pittsburgh Pirates star with zeros during the 13th place.

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