A rundown of the Capitals Reverse Retro 2.0 launch day and where you can buy the t-shirts afterward


I, like many of you, had my hopes up for getting my hands on an authentic Alex Ovechkin Reverse Retro 2.0 shirt online today. But on the same day Taylor Swift concert tickets crashed TicketmasterI found the experience a bit challenging due to the increasing demand again.


Fanatics Launches NHL Reverse Retro jerseys and merch through its online store,, at 9 a.m. Tuesday. A few minutes later, Capitals Reverse Retro merchandise such as jackets, T-shirts, hats, and throws was filling up. But there was a technical glitch that – according to our fanatic rep – caused the Capitals RR 2.0 jerseys to be sold exclusively at Until shortly after 11 am. The Capitals are one of the rare NHL teams that fanatics use another branded online store that allows MSE to have a single online marketplace for the merchandise of all its franchises including the Wizards, Mystics, Go-Go and online gaming teams.

The original Alex Ovechkin Reverse Retro 2.0 T-shirt was sold out by the time it was posted on shortly after 11am. And the original jerseys on display at two fanatics stores (NHL Shop/Monumental) sold out shortly after noon.

Despite the confusion, a source told RMNB that the Capitals had huge sales on the first day.

There are two practical examples I could find to highlight this. Sidney Crosby And the Connor McDavid Original RR 2.0 Shirt It is still available online in all sizes while Ovechkin sold out before noon. Crosby and McDavid are stars similar to Ovechkin in terms of both skill and popularity. This makes me think the demand for Screaming Eagle merchandise is off the charts.

The Capitals also released Reverse Retro jerseys at two brick-and-mortar team stores, the Capital One Arena and the MedStar Capitals Iceplex, at various times this morning. At COA, there were long lines outside before the doors opened around 10am.

“I got there about 9 a.m. and the line was already at corner 7 and F, about 200 feet,” Matt Pennebaker said. They started letting people in a minute or two before 10 am, and by that time the line was about twice as long. I arrived at about 10:20. All that said, things ran smoothly, and there was plenty of inventory.”

Photo: Vic Jain

The store has churned out tall metal racks with hundreds of original T-shirts from Alex Ovechkin, Tom Wilson and TJ Oshie. The team also had blank jerseys as well. Other RR 2.0 items can also be purchased. Capitals legend Peter Bondra She signed autographs and took pictures with fans.

As our readers tell us, none of the jerseys sold had the Caesars Sportsbook patch actually on sale, but we were told it could be ironed out at future Capitals games.

Cap One Team Store She announced on her Instagram that she had restocked her t-shirts for the afternoon. By closing time (5pm) there were still original RR 2.0 jerseys available. So if you still want one, this is a great bet. Although they do not take orders online.


Meanwhile, at the Capitals’ team store at the MedStar Capitals Iceplex, reader Julia Stoner showed up early in the morning to try and get a jersey at the training facility.

“I got there two minutes before 8 a.m. and the line was already at the Capitals ice rink,” she said. “It took me more than an hour to finally get to the store and buy the goods.”

The original jerseys were in boxes and were distributed according to the size required by each fan.

By 6 p.m., the MedStar Capitals Iceplex were out of their original men’s jerseys that had players’ names on them but still had blanks. Looks like the store has run out of some adult beanies and all black hats.

The Capitals Special Edition RR 2.0 jerseys were not available today at any of the team’s stores.

Going forward, there will be even more opportunities to purchase authentic Capitals Reverse Retro 2.0 jerseys online like other NHL sales partners such as Dick’s Sporting Goods and canada hockey She will release her own stock on November 20th.

Finally, in the NHL online store is still there Much Some of the items provided are not original T-shirts. This is a quick list. (You will RMNB a tiny percentage of anything purchased through the following NHL Shop links.)

You can see the full inventory of what’s left here.

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