Aaron Judge’s 62nd Home Run Ball sets the record, $1.5 million at auction


Golden is proud to offer one of the most historically significant baseballs to ever hit the auction scene. With one swing of the bat on October 4, 2022, at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas, Aaron Judge knocked out the long-running American League single-season home run record for 61 years, previously held by the New York Yankee Rogers. Maris. The famous duel with teammate Mickey Mantle in 1961 captured the attention of the baseball world as both Maris and Mantle sought Babe Ruth’s 60-run home run mark in 1927. On the last day of that season, Maris passed Ruth with his huge run 61 home run at Yankee Stadium. This baseball shown is the same ball that Judge hit for his 62nd MLS home run.


For Judge, the chase was very similar to the one his predecessor had gone through. Like Maris, the baseball world has focused on Judge and his pursuit of a long-standing American League single-season record. The Yankees were on first and Judge was hitting home runs at record pace, with his 60th home run coming on September 20th at home against Pittsburgh and the long ball hitting his 61st on September 28th in Toronto. This set the stage for the dramatic pursuit of the American League’s immortality. The pursuit continued into his last regular season streak, and in similar fashion to Maris in 1961, Judge finally tied the “Home Run No. 62” record in what was his final regular season game of the 2022 season.

Even though the Yankees have already clinched the division, Judge won’t be comfortable in the playoffs, especially with the potential date on the line. In front of a sold-out crowd for a scheduled doubleheader against the Texas Rangers, which saw Maris’ son, Roger Maris Jr., and Judge’s mother seated together in the front row, Judge was held homeless for the first game, only adding to the tension. Fortunately for the 38,832 fans, Judge lost a little time on his first batter in game two. Facing Rangers pitcher Jesus Tinoco in the top of the first inning, Judge took the first two pitches for a layup and strike. Next pitch… history. A left-field “Judge-ian” blast tumbled into the stands, a one-hit that finally broke the famous record. Longtime Yankee broadcaster Michael Kay on YES Network described his home run, “High flying ball, deep left, there it goes, sailing down history! He did it! He did it! 62!” Aaron Judge is the American League’s single-season leader. King. Case closed.”

Judge was welcomed to home plate by all of his Yankee teammates. The ongoing standing ovation at Globe Life Field kicked off as the celebration kicked off. The ball fell to Corey Yeomans, a lucky fan who was in the right place at the right time, sitting in the left field seats at Globe Life Field. Youmans, who literally unearthed history, was promptly escorted from the stadium by security so that the ball could be further authenticated by Major League Baseball through its MLB Authenticated program. Youman held on to the ball from that fateful day until it was agreed to send the ball with Goldin.

This official, sealed Major League Robert D. Manfred Jr. ball shows excellent use, with tear marks and other abrasions, typical of the baseball used in the game. However, the most important markings include the “C” and “13” which were added in black marker on the plate with the Rangers “50” logo stamped. This was done by Major League Baseball in preparation for Judge’s pursuit of 62 home runs. This mark identifies the exact ball hit by the judge on the 62nd run. The ball is also stamped by an MLB-approved hologram (YP188527-ZCS Authentication Code) after a home run and comes with a letter of origin from Corey Yeomans.

Milestone baseballs like the Judge 62 Running Ball continue to generate excitement and value for the hobby. To put this ball into historical comparison, Mark McGuire’s baseball #70 sold at home for $3 million in 1998. A true piece of baseball history, well worth displaying in Cooperstown.

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Please note that Youmans will provide a source letter to verify that he set this part of the date. LOP will be photographed with this set when received at our office; The document will be shipped to the winning bidder.

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