All-time NBA MVP: Ja Morant’s insane slam comparison with LeBron James, Michael Jordan, and more


As much as we love the NBA Dunk Contest, it simply will never compare to the joy of a well-executed in-game poster. The brief moment of anticipation when you see the player being loaded, the hesitation when you think for a split second, “There’s really no way this is going to end,” and finally, the thrilling explosion when the ball is thrown through the rim.


I’ve been a dip connoisseur for the better part of my time on this earth. I’ve rewatched the VHS versions I religiously recorded (yeah, yeah…laugh, Generation Z) of Vince Carter, Steve Francis, and Tracy McGrady The legendary 2000 NBA Dunk Contest And James White 2001 McDonald’s All-American Dunk Contest. In 2004, I jumped out of the camping-style folding chair in my college dorm room when I was Jason Richardson went between his legs of the glass, forgetting that my Minolta digital camera was on my lap — shattered upon hitting a hard wood floor, but I have no regrets. I stared at epic showdown 2016 Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon are alone on my tablet in a Paris AirBnB at 4am, while the rest of the family sleeps.

This history is the reason for my reaction to Ja Morant’s face-melting poster against Indiana Pacers Saturday was very telling. When Memphis Grizzlies Looks like the bouncer bounced off the trampoline, made his fully outstretched arm behind his head and poor Jalen Smith’s back, I didn’t scream. I didn’t jump. I didn’t spit out my adult drink.

The immersion in reality, literally, left me speechless. I leaned forward, nodded vigorously with my fist and looked around my empty house to see if any non-existent spectators had seen what I had just seen. I was freaked out, but my entire post-drench celebration was silent—silent movie. Shortly after that I started yelling, and I went to Slack and my group messages to convey what had just happened. When my wife came home from work, I showed her the dunk about 50 times, using the NBA’s convenient “every corner” function.

dunk year? How about the best immersion in the game ever?

Competition dives obviously have the highest degree of difficulty. But the element of surprise from an incredible dunk in the middle of an NBA game is impossible to top. When considering the best of the best, we have to offer a few caveats: First, fast breaks don’t count wide open. Guys have done 360s, gone between legs, done treadmills when they’re alone in transition – sorry, that’s more like a dunking contest. The adventures that Morant experiences during the action of the real game must be. Secondly, these are the only ones immersed in the NBA, unfortunately Carter literally dunks over Frederick Weiss In the 2000 Olympics will not be the list.

Here are some of the best dunks in the game ever (I wouldn’t dare say these are all the best), and you can judge for yourself whether you think Morant tops them.

Julius Irving (1983)

You might also start with the classics. Dr. J’s “Rock the Baby” dunk is one of the most iconic in league history, never to be duplicated. Not only was it one of the smoothest adventures we’ve seen, but it also came up against reigning heroes and all-time defender in Michael Cooper. It was punctuated by an incredible call from GOAT NBA announcer Chick Hearn, who came up with a quick “rock the baby, put him to sleep.” It doesn’t get much better.

Dominic Wilkins (1984)

It was nicknamed “Human Highlight Film” for a reason. There are a lot of potential Dominic offerings, but this one is a candidate for sheer power and creativity. Not only does Nique spin away from a double team, but he also dunks (essentially sideways) Hall of Famer Bob Lanier, who He had not spoken to Wilkins for nine years Then.

Tom Chambers (1989)

Poor Mark Jackson. while playing for Phoenix Suns, 6-foot-10 Chambers got up…and climbed…and climbed…until he was about elbow level with the rim, and threw a vicious two-handed sticker over the future NBA coach and ESPN analyst. The side angle better shows how high Chambers is, but he could get a few fine-point deductions due to potential build-up after hitting Jackson.

Michael Jordan (1991)

You knew MJ had to be here somewhere. That dunk speaks for itself, but it gets some extra juice because it was a playoff game, and because of how it destroyed Jordan over and over again. Nix over the course of his career.

Sean Kemp (1992)

Oh baby, Lister Blister. This dunk has it all: the cuff, the label, the point. Add to the fact that it came during a playoff game? Kemp is up there with the best of them.

John Starks (1993)

the bulls The Knicks beat a lot in the ’90s, but the Starks will always have that dunk over Horace Grant and (sort of) Michael Jordan. Starks, a right-hander, lifts his body and twists to throw a sick left-handed dunk in the final seconds of the Eastern Conference Finals game. This is one of the defining moments in Knicks history.

Ricky Davis (1999)

This is a deep cut, but he deserves more love than he gets. Look how high Davis is! His head is literally on edge. When it comes to re-dives and the ultimate in athleticism, this one is hard to beat.

Vince Carter (1999)

Carter took the NBA on his way to winning Rookie of the Year honors in 1998-1999, and this is one underdog who made us realize we weren’t dealing with an ordinary being. This would’ve legitimately won a ’90s dunk contest, and it did so in the middle of the game in traffic. Totally sloppy.

Vince Carter (2005)

Lots of Carter’s dunks to choose from, but it is He rated this as his favouriteWho are we to not agree? First, he hits the ball smooth behind the back to avoid Jason Williams, then reaches back and dunks all over Alonzo Morning, one of the best shot blockers in NBA history. If you’re picking out the best donker ever, VC should be at the top of the list.

Baron Davis (2007)

The Enduring Anniversary of “We Believe” the Warriors It will likely be more similar to Morant’s dunk aesthetically. Davis made his fist again and unleashed an over 6-foot-9 Andrei Kirilenko, sending the Oracle Arena crowd into a frenzy.

We couldn’t just pick one. First Griffin created a new act when he “Mozgoved” the 7-foot-1 Russian quarterback. Then, the next season, he might have outdone himself by destroying another big guy, Kendrick Perkins. Some will argue that these aren’t technically soaked because Griffin doesn’t touch the rim. Get out of here with that. When you’re high enough to throw the ball down the net, you can come back to me with these arguments. Griffin has two very impressive candidates for the best dunk in the game ever.

Gerald Green (2012)

Green is one of the best kickers of all time, and this may be his crowning masterpiece. Yes, it’s in transition, but there are enough defenders in the area to qualify. Even the thought of making a windmill in this position is pure madness, but I guess that’s what goes into your head when you can get eye level with the tip.

King has plenty of accolades in the NBA to his name — he’s poised to become the league’s all-time leading scorer, for example — but he’s also one of the few players to jump a full-blown human for a dunk. John Lucas III never knew what hit him, because LeBron never hit him. He just walked over it, brushing it like a traffic cone on the way to the end of the alley.

Griffin deservedly got most of the flowers, but DJ is right there with him for the best adventures in the game. If some of the people dipping into this list are ballet, this is a monster truck rally — pure, unadulterated carnage. This has led to countless memes of poor Brandon Knight being bombed on Earth and in outer space. is even He mocked himself after the catastrophic event. This was the “Loop City” clippers at their best.

Remember when LeBron jumped over someone? Well, Giannis jumped on top of someone bigger and made it look very casual. There’s a reason they call it Greek freak.

Aaron Gordon (2022)

Just for a modern look, Gordon gets extra points for context here. Not only did this happen during the Christmas Day display game, but it also happened in the final seconds of a one-point game in overtime. When you have one of the most important possessions in the game with someone’s body, it takes some confidence.

Like I said, this is by no means an exhaustive list. Feel free to hit me up on Twitter @tweet With dunks I forgot. No matter where you place Morant, he’s sure to join the in-game group of NBA pros.


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