An x-ray of his right foot was negative, so Brandon Carlow returned to the Bruins


“I feel like I’ve had my fair share of good chances too…,” said Carlo, relieved that his right-footed Manhattan bunt didn’t put him on the sidelines, “…but I’m proud of our group and our defensive corps, what they’ve been able to achieve.” On the offensive side of things, I hope to get some of my cookies here soon.”


At first on Thursday night, when Carlo was limping off the ice in excruciating pain before 3:00 of the second period, the concern was that he might have fractured a bone on the right side of his foot when blocking a hit.

Next, boss Jim Montgomery You hope he might have to rely on a backup blue liner Jacob Zaborel To fill in the void if the 6ft 6in Carlo needs time to fix.

“for some reason, [a] Montgomery said Sunday morning, without specifying which nerve was hit. “I calmed down. He couldn’t put his foot in the sled without it hurting.”

Before taking to the snow in the park, Carlo said he was still in pain when tugging on his skates, but it wasn’t enough for the 26-year-old to miss his 445th game in the black and gold.

When asked if he felt lucky to have escaped relatively unharmed, given that a fracture could have sidelined him for six weeks or more, Carlo offered an affirmation, “Yes!”

“Sure,” he added. “When I was out on the ice, the pain was very similar to when I broke my ankle two years ago. Fortunately, the X-rays came back and showed that everything was fine.”

Traumatized nerves in the upper body are commonly referred to as “stingers,” and although the sharp tingling is alarming at first, it usually subsides within minutes to hours. However, residual pain may take days to subside.

“I don’t know, he must have hit some kind of nerve, or something,” Carlo continued. “Because it was similar to that shattered feeling. But, you know, getting up the next morning and doing the right things…. keeping the ice on it to help with inflammation and so forth… it still hurts a lot in the boot, but I definitely feel like I can skate and be able to.” to do my job.”

San Jose’s Timo Meyer and Carlo hit the boards in the first half of Sunday’s game.Stephen Seeney/Associated Press

Carlo was in the opening line-up and added some spark in an uncharacteristic fight he went toe-to-toe with Timo Meyer Only 27 seconds after the opening encounter. He made it through the night flawlessly, clocking 16:53 in ice time.

As for the cookies, they’ll have to wait. Carlo did not hit a shot at the net.

The Sharks’ Eric Carlson leads the defensemen

Eric CarlsonA resilient and prolific defenseman for the Sharks, he regularly tormented the Bruins during his days with the Ottawa Senators.

Carlson, 32, leads all NHL defensemen in scoring this season — No. 1 in goals (15), assists (47) and points (62) in 47 games.

For some points of view, the Bruins are the best offensive defense linemen, Hambus Lindholm And Charlie McAvoyHe has a 10-50-60 collegiate streak in 79 total games after a goal and an assist every Sunday.

Lindholm tied it up with a 1-0 lead 7:16 into the first period, his sixth goal of the season and the sixth goal by the Bruins defensive line in their last four games.

“He’s not someone who really holds the puck like [Paul] coffeeMontgomery said, asking how Carlson compares to some of the great offensive defensemen in the game. “He’s more like a surgeon. He’s going to dissect you with his ability to buy time, bring two people to him…like a surgeon. You give him time, given how he holds the puck and freezes everyone in all three areas – especially the offensive area – he just waits for the sticks to move and then throws them through.” seams.”

In the offensive zone, Montgomery said, the Rangers Blue Liner Adam Foxa former Harvard student, shows poise and moves and flashes much like Carlson’s.

“The thing you notice is that they don’t take on much,” Montgomery said. “It’s kind of a push and pull…. Once they see something moving, they can play.”

And he can skate deceptively fast. He throws you…he has it [David] Trick Craigsy and have the speed of a foot to get around you.”

Carlson clocked a game-high 25:06 ice time and hit three shots on the net. For all his time and presence, even he couldn’t make much of an impact on a night when the Bruins scored another 52:44 in the timeout.

Across their five-game winning streak, the Bruins held the lead over 209:47 and trailed for just 25:33.

Jake Debrusek starts skating

After the game, Montgomery said Jake Debrusek The skating will begin Monday, just as the Bruins make their way to Montreal to begin a five-game road trip. DeBrusk has been off the skates since suffering hand and leg injuries at the January 2 Winter Classic at Fenway Park. Bruin has gone 8-1-0 in his absence… Montgomery said the club would call up a forward from AHL Providence for a five-game trip, though he didn’t know of any. Best guess: the former Boston College Center Mark McLaughlinwho scored three times in 11 games with the university last season. He can play both pivot and winger.

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