Analysis of the Miami Heat-Chicago Bulls on Tuesday night


MIAMI – Notes and other notes of interest from Tuesday night 113-103 loss to the Chicago Bulls:


– Erik Spoelstra continues to stress that 3-point shooting will come in the Heat area.

– Based on the success of last season, his optimism can be understood.

It also doesn’t have to be a permanent thing.

— but it should be an on-demand item.

— Tuesday, with Jimmy Butler, Kyle Lowery, and Caleb Martin all out, was a wanted night.

Because defensive options were limited.

– As were the scoring options.

– So from behind the arch it had to be.

– when the bulls sat down and allowed the het to shoot at will.

– clatter. clank. clank.

— (As of late, meaningless conversions have skewed percentages.)

– From Victor Oladipo, this can be understood.

– It’s been a while since he was named top scorer.

– with Duncan Robinson, it’s almost a bonus, considering his erratic playing time.

– But from Max Strus it is required.

– And he wasn’t there.

– Even when full, Heat needed better 3-point shooting.

— but when you enter a lineup like Tuesday, the margin for error is slim.

– which is also the contribution that Heat basically skipped.

– Make it a dozen from The Heat’s lineup this season.

– So Oladipo joined the starting line-up, along with Haywood Highsmith and Strus.

– With Bam Adebayo and Tyler Herro, the only starters available.

– No, not optimal at the start of the four-game Homestand.

— but at least two days off now to catch up on Friday night’s game against the Pacers.

– All that’s left is Gabe Vincent from among the missing.

– “This is the NBA,” Spoelstra said. “It was just our nature. We had enough time to prepare with the shooting and we also played a bunch of different formations.”

– The pre-match added, “So we’re just focusing on who’s available and what we need to do tonight to play well, play together, play with our identity and win.”

– In fact, Butler attended the photo shoot the morning before he got sick.

– Spoelstra said absence should not act as a barrier.

– “We have a great opportunity ahead of us now,” he said. “Our homes didn’t go the way we wanted it to. We’re not going to get ahead of ourselves in terms of looking at the four games in nine days. But it’s important.”

He added: “We want to make this place a lot more difficult for teams to visit and we have a chance to start that tonight.”

– Said Bulls coach Billy Donovan said “I have a huge respect for Miami. They have a system and a style that they’re going to play. I’ve always said this, when good players come out, there’s no doubt it affects your team. It just does. But I know they’re going to come out, they’re going to compete, they’re going to play hard.” And there will be other players ready and ready to go.”

Robinson played as a first reserve for the Heat.

— with Jamal Cain and Dewayne Deadmon together next.

Adebayo’s second offensive rebound moved him past BJ Brown for seventh on the Heat’s all-time list.

Strus’ third defensive rebound was the 300th of his career.

It was Highsmith’s first steal in his 20th career.

His fourth was his career high for the game.

Lowry sat on the Heat bench in a Messi shirt.

Robinson’s first defensive rebound was the 700th of his career.

Oladbo’s first free throw was the 1,400th of his career.

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