Another former executive urges the bears to move on from Justin Fields


Few wanted the novel to surface. Unfortunately, it exists and is not likely to go away. Justin Fields was the best offensive player Chicago Bears In the year 2022. Nobody can argue with that. He accounted for over 3,400 yards of total offense and 25 touchdowns. Given the poor support team, one would think he’d done enough to earn him another year on the job. However, circumstances make this decision complicated. Some feel that the Bears having the No. 1 overall pick gives them a very rare opportunity to find a true quarterback.


Former Jets and Dolphins GM Mike Tannenbaum is already on record saying Ryan Poles should trade fields and use selection in the quarterback of his choice. Opportunities like this don’t come around often. Tannenbaum felt like the only man in this assessment. Not anymore. Another former executive endorsed the idea. Joe Banner has spent two decades working in front offices for Philadelphia, Cleveland and Atlanta. He’s seen what franchise QBs look like, from Donovan McNabb to Matt Ryan. day explained Team 33 Why bears should make a change.

His argument follows the same beat as Tannenbaum’s.

“Why? Simple. I like to play the odds. I don’t like swimming against the tide. And the odds are telling me a quarterback who makes the difference changes everything. At the very least, he makes sure you’re good and gives you the chance to be great.”

That’s where the fields come into play. I don’t see him as having the potential to be a great midfielder.

When you watched it this season, what do you remember? Lots of amazing running, right? But he wasn’t an exact passer-by. There have been four matches where he completed 50 percent or less of his attempts. And he was not fruitful with his arm. He had 17 TD passes, never threw 300 yards, threw 12 times for fewer than 200 and had 75 in his last start.

Granted, he wasn’t surrounded by an abundance of talent, But I look at it and see the limitations. “


Justin Fields has shown signs of improvement.

What Banner says is tough. However, the facts are undeniable. Fields averaged 149.46 yards per game in 2022. The only other player close to that is Brock Purdy’s 152.7 yards, a third-string backup. Everyone who has started at least 15 games this season has averaged 200 yards or more. Yes, Fields made up for it with the second-most rushing yards in a single season in NFL history. However, everyone knows this type of quarterback doesn’t win the playoffs. Lamar Jackson and Michael Vick are living proof. Vic was 2-3 in the postseason. Jackson is 1-3. To get to the Super Bowl, you need to be able to throw a football.

The burning question is this. Are the Poles confident their stalwart support team can unlock Justin Fields as a passer? He showed flashes of progress along the stretch. His handling has improved. Accuracy was there. Perhaps better protection and receivers that can open constantly will allow him to thrive. Banner doesn’t see that happening. Fields has spent two years proving he can be something special. There was not enough evidence. Chicago needs to hit the reset button while the opportunity exists.

We will soon find out if the Poles agree.

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