Are the Steelers planning to keep Mitch Trubesky as a starter all season?

The Steelers lost their second game in a row on Thursday, and their offensive remained under 20 points in each of their three competitions. Mike Tomlin still committed Mitch Trubesky As his start, however.

Tomlin said he “categorically” does not plan to make a change in the medium. The 16-year-old Steelers HC went even further ahead of his team’s game in Week 3. Tomlin’s plan is to stick with Trubisky all season and give Kenny Beckett A true Red Moon year, according to Jay Glazer of Fox Sports (h/t awful ad), who adds Tomlin told him, “This is the Trubisky team.”

This endorsement says a lot about the Steelers’ Pickett schedule, and while it would still be impressive if the team sat in the first-round quarterback all season, Tomlin’s pre- and post-game positions make it look like a long NFL onramp is already being built for 20th overall pick of the year. This plan can be seen as a zag compared to how most teams have handled first-round quarterbacks over the past decade.

despite Jordan’s love And the Patrick Mahomes (except for week 17 five years ago) were able to get through a full years of anticipation, had their own teams go from solid to excellent (in Aaron Rodgers‘case) appetizers. Trubisky achieves in much less than Rodgers or Chiefs-years Alex Smith level. However, the Steelers are not enjoying Pickett’s promo during their upcoming mini-party effectively confirming their view on the local debutante’s lead.

Beckett played well during pre-season, but Trubisky was seen as the number one player throughout pre-season. Producer Pitt was also a four-year starter at ACC that shares a home court with the Steelers, giving Tomlin and Co. a fairly good indication of his willingness. Beckett’s seating will still be surprising, given that this is a season at 24 and his rise is ahead of Trubisky at this point in the latter’s career.

Trubisky only spent one season as a full-time college starter—at North Carolina in 2016—but he was among the group of first-round picks to take over the NFL team early in his first season. The Bears gave him the call in the fifth week of the 2017 campaign. The exception is Mahomes-Love-Tree Lance The type of rookie QB and two first-rounders who haven’t pressed the job after seeing the first string action as rookies (Johnny ManzelAnd the Paxton Lynch), every first QB tour since 2012 has been given a true first-season tour as a start.

Should the Steelers insist on sitting Beckett in 2022, they will have a third pillar Mason Rudolph in the place. The team passed the commercial interest into its reserve arm for the fifth year. With Beckett skipping Rudolph on the depth chart, it would be surprising if it was that long Ben Roethlisberger Trubisky backups usurped anytime soon.

Beckett’s questions will likely continue with the Steelers, whose offense appears to have a low ceiling as it is currently built. Then again, a franchise that prioritizes Beckett’s growth over the success of 2022 would make sense as a long-term plan. This latest report certainly makes Roethlisberger’s succession plan in Pittsburgh all the more interesting.

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