Attention to hurricanes in Horvat, the return of large penguins

Ottawa, in – Which Pittsburgh Penguins story should make the headlines? We had three interesting headlines from the gathering momentum to retire Jaromir Jäger’s 68th, Chris Letang back on the ice, and Sidney Crosby line up with Conor McDavid to carry the penalty shootout. NHL trade chatter links the Carolina Hurricanes to Bo Horvat, but Carolina doesn’t like the price tag. There is an uncomfortable controversy in Philadelphia over Pride Night. And just for fun, Florida Panthers coach Paul Morris might get a call from the league.

He let the rulers really get it.

I’m all about Jagr’s 68 retiring. In the story linked below, Phil Bourque also talked about Jagr’s idea for the Penguins to come to the Czechs for a game, and he’d retire after that. Jagger was much appreciated. I think many fans wanted him to remain the grinning, toothy kid who was fun-loving and a party animal (and who used to drive over 100mph on the highway).

Lesson learned and fear stayed with me with Jagr. After Mario Lemieux retired, a lot of fans went with him. The Penguins made the playoffs but couldn’t fill the barn on many nights. So, until I see the Pittsburgh Penguins fanbase thrive without a superstar, I’m going to keep worrying about the future here (then again, the league insisted on keeping teams in Arizona and Florida, so I probably shouldn’t worry so much).

Pittsburgh Penguins / Steelers, Pirates (Sports Now Group)

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: Phil Burke tells Podcast 32 The idea things are in place for the Penguins to retire the 68th because of Jaromir Jager.

Shelly Anderson had a quick idea. Check it out — a day after Connor McDavid’s penalty shootout attack, Shiels popped the question to his fellow superstar Sidney Crosby.

I was a little surprised that Crosby answered so directly, but it was Shelly’s.

In practice, there were a lot of returning faces (five), incl Chris Letang.

Steelers now:

So, what’s the catch here? Matt Canada remains in limbo like Steelers offensive coordinator.

Hey, if he’s healthy – Titans OT Taylor Lewan hinted at interest in Steelers.

Pittsburgh baseball now:

what does that mean? There is not much love in national publications for Pirate horizons.

PBN +: secrets of success for Mitch Keeler.

NHL Trade Rumors, News & National Hockey Now:

If you are a beginner, just click on the link to read the story…

TSN: Interested? yes. able to bear it? No. The Carolina Hurricanes are interested, but they hate the price Labo Horvat.

Detroit Hockey Now: The Yzer Plan! that Detroit Red Wings Could it be outside the NHL trade deadline?

Florida Hockey Now: Hello, Ref! Paul Morris grabbed the referees after losing 5-4 in the present day to the Toronto Maple Leafs. Florida was shorthanded seven times in the first 40 minutes, and Florida panthers boss let rip.

Philly Hockey Now: It was the Flyers’ pride night, but Ivan Provorov skipped warming up to avoid wearing a Pride jersey. He cited his pious Russian Orthodox faith. Philadelphia Flyers Controversy ensued.

By the way, Kevin Hayes had a hat-trick, and Philly beat the Anaheim Ducks.

Sportsnet: A Scout’s Perspective – How the Edmonton Oilers Should Approach the NHL Trade deadline.

Hockey in Washington now: Whenever the Capitals lose, it’s good for the Penguins, who trail them by four points with four games in hand for a first wild card. The Minnesota Wild beat D.C. on Tuesday, and coach Peter Laviolette had to explain why Anthony Mantha scratched (again) and lunged Washington Capitals lines.

NYI Hockey Now: Not finishing is a problem on Long Island. Coach Len Lambert rejected calls for GM Lou Lamoriello to acquire offensive talent by the NHL trade deadline. the New York Islanders I think they have had enough.

They are close, but the more denied they need the help of the first six, the stronger the position of the penguins will be.

And finally…

Calgary Hockey Now: Johnny Goudreau prepares for a series of boos upon his return to Alberta to face the Calgary Flames.

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