Augusta National’s new #13 taller jersey appears to be open for play


The new tee will happen in 13 majors at the 2023 Masters.

Eureka Earth/Graphic: Darren Riehl

sacred lands Augusta National Golf Club They have awakened from their summer slumber, and with it come the first photos of a rather significant change.

Usually the club is closed for the summer months and they are allowed to build what we assume it will be New championship t-shirt on the 13th For masters comes April.

Check out the image from below Eureka EarthAnd the which often posts overhead photos of Augusta National.


Aerial photo of Augusta National's new tee #13.

Did Augusta National Finally Lengthen the 13th Hole? It sure looks that way


Jack Hirsch


When we last saw pictures of Eureka Earth for the 13th holeWork continues on the new tee, as well as the bunkers off the 12th green. Now, based on this foursome making its way through Amen Corner, the course is open for play.

It even looks as if the tee marks are on the new tee, which is also complemented by a stone wall around the perimeter.

Back in September, we estimated that the hole could play in the neighborhood from 540 to 550 yards next April, which is a big change for a hole that has played about 500 yards for the entire history of the Masters. We’ve also seen footage of the tee before the sod is laid to showcase what appears to be a hydraulic system under the tee, which can be used on a cold April morning to keep frost off the lawn.

Bobby Jones intended the pick of 5 players to be a “huge decision”, but it was a formality because modern technology and increased swing speeds allowed players to hit medium or even short irons into the green for their second shots.

Augusta National has not commented on the new jersey and it likely won’t happen until the tournament next April. Last Masters Augusta National chairman Fred Ridley said there was “no timeline” for the hole change. But here we are. The 2023 Masters tournament will be the second year in a row that the back nine has been lengthened; last year Extended 15 to 550 yards.

We’re also sure this new tee will play given that the old championship jersey, which made the 510-yard hole, appears to have been discarded. The 13th is played as the third-easiest hole of the course at the 2022 Masters, only harder than the lead nine.

As for what exactly the 2023 yardage will be, we’ll just have to wait for the scorecard info to come out next spring. However, it seems very unlikely that we’ll see any short irons in the green this year.

We are still waiting for new photos of The club’s renovation of the Par-3 course.

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