Bad news about Amaya injury, Mirvis hits another, Canario, Wesinski, and more

The Chicago Cubs already have one champ in the farm system, and the Tennessee Smokies will try to keep their season alive tonight against Rocket City at 6:35 PM CT. The starter for the Smokies will be Ben Brown, who has emerged as one of the top bullish arms in the system.

Elsewhere in the Cubs system…

  • There are no obscene words or phrases that I can shout out loud enough to capture my entire reaction to this news:
  • Miguel Amaya, who finally got back to batting in the Double-A mid-season after Tommy John’s last surgery – and was flirting! – He was then supposed to finally return to the Arizona Fall League. But late in the Double-A season, he picked up an ankle injury that now looks pretty serious. We knew it was bad enough Keeping him off the AFL preliminary roster, but I was hoping it was just a sprain that needed a month or two of rest. This is obviously more complicated than that, and I don’t know how much we can actually say from the post there. It certainly doesn’t look good.
  • We’ll wait for word on rehab and the schedule, but that’s too bad for any hopes you might have of Amaya being the third Cubs catcher next year – and a backup that could develop in Triple-A while getting some exposure to the big league. He’s only 23, so it’s not like he’s still young; But you’re talking about wasting a lot of key development time. I was hoping he *could* emerge as a fallback or starter of a viable big league (with the upside) by 2024. Now back to having no real idea if he could contribute at all or when.
  • In better news, a day after his teammate Alexandre Canario tied 34 of his teammates on the season, Matt Murvis last hit home yesterday:
  • That was Murvis saying, “Hey, I’m really happy for you, Alexander, and you’re having a great season, but I’m going to need to get that lead back, thanks.” In all seriousness, it’s insane that the Cubs have two prospects who have gone from High-A to Double-A to Triple-A this year and have 34+ homes in the season.
  • While Homer wasn’t in the game, Canario had another big one, which has now pushed its Triple-A line to .244/.407/.488/141 wRC+ 54 board appearances. He’ll finish the season with insane numbers… and finish third in the Minor League Player of the Year behind Mirvis and Pete Crowe-Armstrong. This season in minors was very cold.
  • Speaking of which, congratulations once again to the Midwest League champions:
  • Congratulations to Director Lance Rymel as well:
  • A big league start tonight is still technically a possibility, so he praised Hayden Wisinski:

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