Ben Simmons says he’ll shoot 3 Thats this season, and the Nets will be ‘champions’ if we ‘get it all together’

Ben Simmons cannot be interviewed at length and not asked about the shooting. This is especially true if the interviewer is one of the best shooters in NBA history. so when Simmons went on the “The Old Man and The Three” podcast, which is JJ RedickPrevious Philadelphia 76ers A co-worker threw him a softball about the gunfire conversation that casts a shadow over “all the cool things you do”.

“I think it was just for a while – it’s so repetitive, you’d hear it all the time from everyone,” Simmons said. “And you are like, And- ji hell. Likes, I just get out of my state, and do other things, very. I guard the best players. That’s one thing, I don’t think people respect that enough, what I bring to court. Because there is a lot of nonsense to bring to court. And for me, I just want to win. So people also don’t understand that my goal is just to win. I don’t go out there, nor do I try to get those many points, no matter what. My goal is to win, so I try to do everything I can during the match to give the right plays and the right reading to help my team win.

“But that’s definitely frustrating,” Simmons added. “But it’s also one of my weaknesses, so it’s like, ‘What, am I going to get angry at people for saying I’m not good at something? Well yeah, cool, I’m going to practice and get better. It’s what it is. And that’s just part of the game.'”

This isn’t the first time Simmons has discussed the big, glaring loophole in his game. in 2020, Tell Jackie McMullan, then from ESPNthat he would shoot 3 seconds when he’s comfortable, that he should “make it a point of focus” and that he could “be one of those people who shoot at 30 percent now” but “preferably be one of those people who shoot at 40 percent.” That same year, Yaron told Wittsman that standing in the sinking position was better for attacking Philadelphia than standing in the corner, he was focused on “getting the best shot we can every time,” Via Fox Sports.

Riddick noted that former Philadelphia coach Brett Brown publicly called Simmons for a three-shooter, asking, “Is the shot-goal getting a little bigger than you should have?”

“Sure,” Simmons said. “100 percent. No, for sure. And I didn’t really realize that early in my career. And it started building up.” They say I can’t, right? I am confused now. You don’t want me to shoot but you want me to shoot? LikesI don’t know. So you have done a lot with me. But I’ve found peace in a place where I absolutely love, it’s basketball, like, I’m great at the game, I need to go out and show people what talent I can do. So it happened for a while, I was feeling a little upset.”

And then, of course, asked Riddick Simmons, who is now a member of Brooklyn Networksif he’s going to shoot 3 seconds next season.

“Yeah, I need to,” Simmons said. “I just want to go in there and put some on.”

Then they both started laughing, making it unclear whether Simmons was serious or not. Redick said his goal should be to take five seconds into the match to ask him to stop.

“F – in 20 3s a game,” Simmons said, now visibly joking. “Kevin is wide open – no!”

One thing Simmons seemed genuinely excited about: the 2022-23 grids. Describing the way he expects them to play, he again mentioned Riddick, Marco Bellinelli, Ersan Eliasova, Sixers 2017-18.

“I think this team now is a perfect fit for what I do and what I bring into the game,” he told Reddick. “I feel like Philly on steroids, sort of, in terms of what we had when I was there and Marko and Arsane.”

“It would be sick” to return to the field in Brooklyn, said Simmons, who has not played in an NBA game since the 2021 playoffs.

“I can’t wait, I’m so excited,” he said. “I got a new number, New Jersey. I’m just looking forward to it. I think we have a special team. I think if we put everything together, we will be the champions. And that is the ultimate goal.”

The Nets were traded for Simmons in February, and before a back injury, he was expected to fit in last season. During the first round of qualifying, All signs point to him returning to game 4But this did not happen. He underwent surgery on his back in May.

Simmons told Riddick that he hurt his back after the exercise.

“So, at first I had some pain in my back when I was working, and then I went, like, hop up stairs, up stairs, and my whole right side went down,” Simmons said. “And as soon as I got upstairs, I lay down and couldn’t move.”

Simmons said it was “the same thing.” Had experience in Milwaukee in 2020, an accident that made him “vomit because I was in so much pain”. He said it was “not a normal situation” because he didn’t make his first game for the Nets and they were in the playoffs, but he wanted to play.

“Practically speaking, I know I’m not feeling well,” he said. “My muscles, my muscles(s) don’t work, I can’t jump, I can’t submerge. And people don’t see these things, but that was the reality. And I, I’m about to play, I’m about to get into Game 4 or try to get into Game 4, I’m on the floor, and I can’t even move. So it’s a real thing. And for me it was frustrating because everyone says anything. But I try to prevent it. If I get hurt, I don’t try to sit down.”

Simmons said rehab was a “difficult” process, but only talked about it in the past tense. He said the coaches in Brooklyn were “awesome” and the coaches were “awesome.”

Simmons He also talked about his time with the Sixersincluding its ending.


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