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A fight like this is not always about the end result, although being an athlete it is always competitive, but it is the first real opportunity to introduce yourself to the coaching and management staff. From players making a first impression as newcomers, to players battling back from injury, this was the first opportunity in the camp to get into the action of the game and see where they’re measuring up.

Nathan Bastian He has the honor of being the first to score in a brawl during training camp 2022-23, with his victory Jonathan Bernier for Group B to go 1-0 up. Group B will build on their lead to 5-0 with a goal by Bastian, Michael VukojevicAnd the Jesper Pratt and two of Damon Severson. But for Bernier, a feud like this is about bringing that feeling back again, having played just 10 games last season before undergoing surgery.

“It definitely felt like it’s been a long time coming,” Bernier said after the altercation. “It has taken me a long time to get over that hump and in the last couple of months I’ve started to feel so much better and have been able to ski twice a week, then move on to third and fourth.”

Bernier and Vitik Vanishek Play half the match for their teams, while Nico Doss And the Akira Schmid Later replaced to finish the game. The match ended 8-1 for team B who was wearing the white uniform. They will be the training group on Saturday, before teams A and C compete in the second melee of training camp.

Video: Ongoing fights | demons now

Video: Ongoing fights | demons now

on a hill

Today was a good measure for Bernier.

“It’s not pain-free, but we obviously never play without pain. As long as it didn’t (be) too much, I was able to manage the inflammation there, and we have great medical staff for me.”

Bernier is still not quite ready to get back to the excitement of the game, and doctors haven’t yet cleared him to get back into the game, but he feels like he’s crossed a major hump in his recovery.

“I think the main focus for all of us is to not get in and out of the squad. You know, I want to gradually go into training and games, see what my maximum is and start from there. But at the end of the day, I don’t want to play for two weeks and then go out again. Another for a week. I want to take the right steps and take my time to make sure there aren’t too many setbacks.”

Since the first launch

When Brendan Smith Speaking Thursday, he talked about wanting to make an immediate impact, particularly in leadership management. As a seasoned veteran, he knows this was one of the roles he was looking for. He wastes little time embracing the role on a new team, one of the most vocal players on the ice during the melee. When there was a breakdown in the plays, an expletive was heard, an immediate indication of his level of care and personal expectations. In the last play of the second period, Smith put his body on the line with a shot block, once again setting an example and a standard for competition. Smith wasn’t happy seeing how his team was playing, even in the melee, and he felt like he had to say something.

Smith said, “That’s a part of me, it could be a vice or a virtue, where it’s hard for me to lose at anything. I suffer loss in checkers in that sense. I think when it comes to skating and getting ready, you have to have that sharpness.” I would say the way (the red team) turned out wasn’t close. It became very frustrating for some of the older players, and we had to talk.”

When the first period was over and Bernier was leaving the ice, it was Smith who first gave Bernier the tap on the pads with his stick and said a few words to him. Words of encouragement no doubt, as Bernier works to come back from an important surgery that limited him to 10 games last season.

“I wanted to tell him that it had nothing to do with his play,” Smith said, “I wanted him to know it wasn’t him, that we were and for him to do whatever he was doing, everything he was working on trying to get to that level, I was so frustrated with The way we appeared (in front of him).”

Tweet from NJDevils: Hey. In case you didn’t realize.. hockey is back.

A different perspective

Behind the two seats were four assistant coaches, with Lindy Raff and Utica coach Kevin Denen sitting in the stands to watch the game. Ryan McGill and Sergey Pralin were behind one of the benches, while Chris Taylor and Andrew Brunet off the other. For Raff, this gave him a different perspective in evaluating his players.

“You can watch the whole play, I think sometimes when you’re on the bench you don’t see what’s down in the corners. You can see a lot of the big picture system elements. So it’s an opportunity to take advantage of a look from above. We’re basically looking at the backbone of our team. I was really happy. Some of those guys, the way they played, the way they skate, their speed.”

Tweet from NJDevils: This was my fourth game in a year and a half. I actually felt fine.🎥 Wood: Severson: Bernier: Halonen: | Tweet embed

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