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Buffalo, NY – Two defenses face off against the Tennessee Titans and the 2020 Rush Champion Derek Henry On Monday, the Buffalo Bills looked like they might be up to the challenge. The previous season, the Bills defense ceded 143 yards and three touchdowns to Henry in a 34-31 loss.

But things were different this time. Bills’ defense for the second week in a row showed just how good this group was, by capping Henry on 25 yards and a Titans offense to 187 in a 41-7 win.

Understandably, the Bills’ offense gets a lot of attention during the first two weeks of this season. quarterback Josh Allen He receives an early MVP fanfare and leads the league in total QBR (87.1). But defense does its fair share of work, ranking in the top three in nearly every major defensive stat category, including second in overall defense (215 yards per game). The unit did not allow any points in the second half despite the lack of several starters.

“I believed [defensive coordinator] Leslie Frazier and the defensive line put together a great plan [against the Titans]Coach Sean McDermott said. “He executed the players. Just basically strong, really more than anything.”

Henry only had 7 flush yards before calling in for the bills, his lowest since holding 5 in 2019 in Denver. He’s been called at or behind the line of scrimmage in five of his 13 races. Not only did the Bills prevent the Titans from scoring after their first drive, the Titans only made it to the Buffalo area again throughout the game.

That was without starting a defensive intervention Ed Oliver (Ankle) Rotate Defensive Intervention Tim Settle (The calf) is in front, in addition to losing the corner kick Dean Jackson (neck), who had to be taken off the field in an ambulance at the end of the second quarter. Practice defensive tackles for the team Brandy Bryant And the CJ Brewer They were asked to make contributions, along with the veteran Jordan PhillipsWho leads the team in compression ratio (15.4%). Phillips (hamstring) and safety Micah Hyde (neck) Oj did not practice Wednesday.

“You have to trust the players who are likely to step into the roles, if someone is not able to play, they will be able to handle the game plan,” Frazier said.

With the injury of Jackson and the full back Tre’Davious white Still in reserve/puppy as he recovers from a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee, rookie Christian Benford And the Kaiir Elam You will likely be asked to play more shots with the expectation that both will start after turning at corner point #2 for the first two weeks.

“At the end of the day, it’s just about communicating, ‘Safety Jordan Boyer He said. “Just make sure we’re on the back end, we’re all on the same page. [The rookie corners]I trust them. I know that if I get a call, I can tell them a call and they will be able to carry it out.”

Beginners will be highly challenged against the arcade attack of Dolphins led by quarterback Toa Tagoviloa and receivers Trek Hill And the Jaylen Waddell. Tagoviloa passed for 469 yards on Sunday in a win over the Baltimore Ravens.

Since the start of 2021, the Bills have been the best in the league at clearing deep ball. They are number one in the opponent’s QBR and have not given up any touchdown touchdowns at 20 yards or more downstream. In five games against Hill, the Bills were able to limit the former Chiefs’ receiver to 12.05 yards per reception and one touchdown hit.

“[Hill] Frasier said it was an excellent receiver and one of the best in our business. “But for us, the way we play in defense, it’s a team effort between our secondary goal, our dash and our full back.”

This is partly due to the Bills’ ability to have a quarterback without blitzing (5.2%, the second lowest in the NFL), while they are second in the league in sacks (9.0) and fifth in center touch percentage (28.7%). It is useful that one of the most recent invoices, by Milleris second in the league in the rate of winning swipes (46.4%).

“We have a dominant position,” Miller said. “We don’t just play the game to win the game, we play the game to control the game. And we have a team full of killers.”

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