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Rhode Island native Bobby Farley was 36, still a pretty good age for a goaltender, when he and brother Peter Farley released the first of 11 directing and writing collaborations, the buddy comedy Dumb and Dumber, in 1994.


The funny story of two men on a cross-country adventure from Providence, Rhode Island, to Aspen, Colorado, ultimately resembles Bobby Farrelly’s own journey from the 1977-1979 hockey goalie spending days at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in New York to put it out. Second home roots in Wood River Valley.

And there were all the Farrelly brothers’ hits, including “There’s Something About Mary,” which was their biggest hit of 1998, and “Fever Pitch,” which followed the rags-to-riches story of the Boston Red Sox’s World Series baseball debut in 86 years old.

On March 24, Bobby will release his first solo directorial effort, the Focus Features film “Champions.” It reunites Bobby with “Kingpin” star Woody Harrelson. The movie has been rated in previews as a heartwarming comedy following lucky basketball coach Harrelson as he gets Mojo back who leads a team with players with intellectual disabilities.

Farrelly has seen his share of smash hits on the silver screen. Nothing has been more personally satisfying and good to his funny greatness than bringing a team of hockey players to Sun Valley every year since 2006 to play the Sun Valley Suns seniors in a two-game hockey series.

His teams, heavily based in New England, are named Boston ReMax Rangers, Boston Bulldogs, Northeast Moose Knuckles and, most often, East Coast Gutter Snipes. The traveling entourage includes hydration specialist and off-ice captain, the dapper Jack Smith.

It has become a celebration of reunions on skates and in the hockey “room”.

This weekend, East Coast Gutter Snipes players and up to 40 crew will invade the Campion Ice House in Hailey to revive a series that has become one of the most popular and competitive in all of the Suns home events.

Farrelly, now 64, is the head coach and sits behind the bench at East Coast. He used to take care of Snipes.

Game times are 7:15 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, January 20-21. expected to sell. Hayley Ice is the interest.

They are expected to face 17 Gutter Snipes players between the ages of 26 and 58 (average age 38). Between them, they have accumulated 1,977 games played at the professional hockey level.

“As always, we have a group of players coming back for the first, second, third, fourth or 17th time, which is me. We have 17 players and 17 ‘legends,'” said team captain Scott Shaughnessy, 57, a former Boston University defenseman. Ex-hockey players who just come over for skating and camaraderie.

And Snipes will bring back both guards from last year, when Farrelly’s team dominated the Suns 7-2, 8-6. Eleven East Coast players scored and the Snipes edged the Suns 39-15 on the score sheet.

The goaltenders are Chris Johnson, 27, who played 66 games for St. Michael’s College of Vermont from 2015-19, and Mike Clemente, 32, played 107 games for Brown University from 2008-12 before being netted in 185 professional contests. Johnson made 32 saves in last year’s 8-6 win, and Clemente made 24 saves in the first game.

Running backs from the Midwest who did so much damage at five points apiece in last year’s sweep are Corey Elkins and John Dingle. Both are graduates of OSU Hockey—Dingle, 38, with 19 goals in 136 games from 2004-08, and Elkins, 37, with 60 points in 102 games from 2005-09 plus a season with the NHL’s Los Angeles Kings.

Colton Kerfoot, 26, of West Vancouver, British Columbia, who played 82 games with Harvard from 2016-20; Des Bergin, 29, who played 117 games for Harvard from 2012-16 and skated for six teams in the ECHL and AHL minor leagues;

Also, Colin Elkins, 32, a winger who scored 75 goals and 150 points in 112 games at Oakland University from 2010-14; And two 40-year-old veterans, Tim Morrison 6-4 winger from Quinnipiac University, and Dennis Kirsten, a defenseman at Mercyhurst College from 2003-2007.

Last year, Snipes improved his sharpness to 19-13-0 in a 16-season, 32-game rivalry dating back to 2006. Snipes has a 193-175 scoring advantage and has now won three straight games. The last time the Suns went 5-4 was in 2020, when the home team also brought home a 10-0 season-opening record in the Big Series.

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