Brett Favre got caught red-handed and nobody cares


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Newsflash: As much as you love them, dogs aren’t humans. As infuriating as it may be, asking the police to do their job isn’t a fiery crime that should make you stumble in your line of work.

But that’s not how it works in America.

In this country, you’d get more mainstream media coverage of dog killing – which is really bad, but not as bad as the storming of the US Capitol in an attempt to topple a fair election with plans to kill government officials – or kneeling during a national election. We applaud because you are tired of white cops getting away with murder after they play a target practice with black bodies.

Brett Favre is a garbage man. Jane Sturger Try to warn people about it years ago. But for being a woman – she was ignored. (Go and do some research on this situation and learn something.) However, what Favre is (barely) in the news this time should be something ESPN, CNN, MSNBC, and even FOX News should be broadcasting around the clock.

One of America’s most “loved” players transferred money intended for welfare recipients. But most of all, the money was taken from innocent people who needed it. Usually, something like this would lead to a huge news push. (Fafer denies the charges and no charges have been brought against him at this time.) However, you need to remember who stole Favre – the poor blacks of Mississippi. Apparently, this is not “news”. Oh you know, kind of like how a white kid gets kidnapped everywhere you turn. But when the little black kids disappear, You have to spend some time looking for more information – and that’s if anyone cared enough to cover it.

متي Mississippi today They published their story earlier this month about how the former state governor helped Favre use welfare funding to pay for a volleyball court at his daughter’s school, and this was the final “decisive moment” as it included text messages that proved Favre & Co. He deliberately robs the poor to give more to the rich.

“I was just thinking this is the way to do it!!” Fare his text.

“If you’re going to pay me, is there anyway the media can find out where it came from and how much?” Favre asked.

Favre’s face should be on every New York City tabloid, and updates about his condition should be at the bottom of every sports and news network.


Because that’s the norm when black athletes do something – it’s not that bad anywhere – that “annoys people”. I put this part in quotes because most of the time offended is not angry, they like to participate in false anger. For example, before we know the full depth of the horrific things James Winston has been involved in in the past – which included rape allegations And petting an Uber driver – the story of stealing crab legs from stores was too big CNN covered it.

When Vic did what he did, as one of the faces of the NFL, it became a story that would be impossible to ignore, given that it had to be an inescapable story. And even after he took his time and was trying to get back, the coverage about his comeback and the reaction to it was something you just can’t escape.

And when Kaepernick “dared” to hold America and law enforcement’s behavior responsible for their behavior and racism, he signed him on the cover of time. But with that, I clearly remember that Tyrell Onnes was evil because he had the audacity to do so sit-ins in his path While answering reporters’ questions.

The media need to maintain this same energy. The fact that it’s unbelievable that we’ve come to a place where a man with a ludicrous past can be caught red-handed doing what he did but not getting the same media attention as some other black athletes who have done things that aren’t even close to being awful — and that’s if they ever committed a crime – is an example of how low the level is now.

Favre’s case should be covered as if it were the funeral of an old white woman who died in a foreign country as a member of a monarchy that had no power or influence in America.

But it goes deeper than that. The NFL and Roger Goodell have not said a word nor issued a statement on the matter, nor has the Football Hall of Fame. Don’t be surprised if anyone who’s handled or been close to Favre rides that muzzle order for as long as possible. But, meanwhile, the complicity of the mainstream media in this crime is also a problem, as they have sat down and done nothing to help shed light on what happened.

This is the second time Brett Favre has been caught wearing his pants. This means that there will likely come a third day. There is no point in evolving if people continue to overlook your sins. Perhaps if he had stolen money from a humanitarian association or police money, he would have appeared on the front page of the newspaper. Because apparently, stealing from poor blacks in Mississippi is only worthy of some Twitter chatter.

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