“Bring out the best in you”


Marc Andre Fleury She is a surefire Hall of Famer when he retires. His sports resume includes 534 wins – third in NHL history – and the Vezina Trophy. Fleury also won three Stanley Cup championships, all with the Pittsburgh Penguins.


But if there was one player who had a proper MAF over his 19 seasons in the NHL, this is him Alex Ovechkin. Capitals captain Scored 25 different times against Fleury More than any goalkeeper in his career.

“I don’t know if I’m too proud of that,” Florrie he told in an interview.

On opposite sides of the Capitals and Penguins rivalry, the two players have battled against each other for conference and league supremacy for over a decade. From 2009 to 2018, teams led by Fleury stood up to the Capitals four different times in the playoffs, with 2018 being the only year Ovechkin managed to crack through. Maff was the starting goalie for the Vegas Golden Knights that year in the Stanley Cup Final.

“I still have good memories walking in the building and ice skating,” Florrie said He said. “I had some good fights with them, some fun fights. It was fun competing with Pittsburgh, with Sid and Ovi obviously, but it was high-scoring, always fun, good fights. Every night, you were in for a good game.”

Fleury, 38, now plays for the Minnesota Wild where he has one year remaining on the two-year, $7 million contract he signed during the season. He was a backup on Tuesday to Philip Gustafsson, who led the Wild to a 4-2 victory over Washington.

“I like to play against [Ovi]Florey said. “I think it comes with the best of you.

“It’s never slowed down,” he added. “He never misses games. Every season, he scores consistently and his shot is still amazing. He can shoot that one-timer with power.”

Ovechkin’s 84 goals stands behind Wayne Gretzky on the NHL’s all-time goalscoring list. Florey said Ovechkin “deserves” the record due to his incredible fortitude, durability, and dedication over the years.

The two have long had a friendly rivalry on the ice, which included messing with each other during warm-ups for the 2018 Stanley Cup Final. During Game 1, MAF hurled Gatorade on the Capitals side of the ice. Ovechkin returned the favor in Game Five, by slapping Fleury with his stick on the side of VGK.

Ovechkin later scored in the second period of the team’s cup-clinching match.

“Sometimes he comes up and says ‘Hi,'” Fleury said of their rivalry. “He’ll say ‘Hi’ or ‘Oh, I almost got you. I’m going to put you through to the next one.’ And I’m like, No way. You don’t get [anything]It’s funny, though. I love how he does it.”

While the two respected each other, Fleury was unwilling to come to the Capitals last season as his name was swirled in trade rumors. The Chicago Blackhawks wanted to fully commit to the rebuild, and the Capitals felt they needed a veteran guard with both Ilya Samsonov and Vitek Vanecek in the net. After Fleury was eventually traded to Minnesota, he admitted that he canceled a deal with Washington because of it It doesn’t feel right.

“I wouldn’t say I’m not interested,” Florey said. “From what I’ve heard, they have a great organization. They have a lot of good players, a lot of talent, a good city and all that. But I don’t know. For me, it was weird because, I don’t know, they’ve been like an enemy for so long.”

Fleury will have one last chance to sue the Capitals this season on March 19 when Washington travels to the Excel Energy Center.

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