Broadcasting only, no TV, for Homer’s potential 700th match for Pujols on Friday

In today’s 10 a.m. video, writer Ben Hochmann shares his thoughts on the Cardinal’s frightening crime. Also, happy birthday shout out to Vince Coleman! As usual, Hochman picks a random St.Louis Cards card from the hat. Ten Hochman is presented by window state!

Benjamin Hockman

Four times this season, Cardinals games have been shown exclusively on streaming services. There was no traditional television coverage of those competitions, on local carrier Bally Sports Midwest or anywhere else.

This portion of Major League Baseball media contracts has angered many root Redbirds who do not have access to broadcast outlets. But those complaints are just a ripple compared to what could be revealed on Friday, when Apple TV+ exclusively shows Cardinals-Dodgers from Los Angeles starting at 9:10 p.m. (St. Louis time).

Not only are the top-ranked teams battling it out, Albert Pujols could hit the cards on his 700th career run that night. Entering play Thursday, he was two years away from becoming the fourth player in MLB history to achieve the feat.

So Pujolsmania’s season-long buildup in his comeback with the Cardinal could culminate in a game many fans won’t see. Although there is no fee to view the streaming production, an Apple account is required. And so is a device that can receive nutrition, such as a smartphone, tablet, smart TV, etc. – equipment that some fans, especially the elderly, do not have.

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“We spoke with MLB about local concerns if Albert was on the verge of a 700 home run without BSM coverage,” said Dan Farrell, the Cardinals’ senior vice president, who oversees the team’s broadcasts. “Unfortunately, MLB-Apple’s contract is very strict with no flexibility regarding local communications equipment for critical events.”

It’s a similar situation in New York for the Yankees and Aaron Judge, who entered play on Thursday was ahead of their home ground behind Roger Maris’ MLS number of 61. Apple exclusively broadcasts the Yanks-Red Sox game Friday night.

There might be a backdoor way to watch the Pujols hit Friday, provided he plays in the game. MLB Network has begun cutting programs to carry his bats, and his trips to the board have also been shown on But those were local TV shows and Friday was a national production, so it wasn’t clear if there would be live Pujols scenes on those outlets. ESPN also has slash rights, but not for games offered nationally.

A source said MLB Network’s plans are volatile.

This will be the live-only final game of the season, and the biggest by far. Apple has shown competitions against the humble Reds, Pirates, and Cubs, even though the latter is a great rivalry game. Peacock broadcasts games on Sundays and had an early season game for the Pittsburgh Redbirds.

But the end of this year’s streaming-only Cards games won’t be a consolation for many of their fans, not only if Pujols arrive at the Master that night, but even if they miss the chance to see him chasing the Master.

Redbirds TV viewers accustomed to having Dan McLaughlin on local TV calls will instead hear a patriotic perspective—provided they can get to the bottom line. New York Mets anchor Wayne Randazzo has a stage show in competition alongside analysts Chris Young and Russell Dorsey. Tricia Whitaker works as a reporter.

McLaughlin, who is in his 25th season as a local TV anchor for the Cardinals, said he wouldn’t be frustrated to miss the call if the Pujols hit the target on Friday. (McLaughlin and BSM own the rest of the season’s regular Card games.)

“Would I be disappointed (personally)? No,” he said, “the most important aspect of this is that it’s 700 and beyond. (Would I be disappointed) From the perspective of a baseball fan and consumer? yes. This moment should be available for every fan in the world to see. Who knows when or if it will happen again. It’s the history of baseball.”

He will be doing some in-game rounds on Cardinals Radio Network, as he did at times this year when Bally Sports Midwest’s television broadcast was halted by National Productions. If he was on the air there on Friday and the Pujols was going to show up at 699, McLaughlin said he would flip the microphone to lead radio host John Rooney Then we hope for this achievement.

“I’ll just keep quiet and let John Rooney kick her out of the park,” McLaughlin said. This is his calling and he deserves it.”

Connect to Apple TV +

Here are ways to access the Cardinals-Dodgers Friday TV broadcast on Apple TV+, for both Major League Baseball and Apple. Remember that an Apple account is required:

  • Launch the Apple TV app and select the game directly from there.
  • From MLB.TV app, tap on Apple TV + Game. You will be redirected to the Apple TV app (if available).
  • go to the And sign in with – or create – your Apple ID.

It is recommended that those who haven’t seen Apple should try before calling ahead. Apple’s Red Sox-Yankees starts at 6:05 p.m.

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