Buffalo Bills Salameh Micah Hyde seeks a second opinion on neck injury

The news may not be good for buffalo bills safety Mika HydeHalf of an All-Pro safety duo that contains only He allowed 87 touchdowns in the past five yearsafter he was shot in the neck in Invoices“Dismantling the Tennessee Titans on Monday night.

Hyde was doing what appeared to be a routine interference on Titans wide receiver Robert Brooks when he hit the ground hard with his head. The coaching staff came to Hyde in the field before he could walk – albeit quite precariously – to the sidelines where he was He was evaluated in the blue medical tent before being taken to the locker room. The team quickly announced that Hyde had suffered a neck injury and would not return for the game.

After the game, it was reported that Hyde was taken to Erie County Medical Center for further evaluation and tests on his injured neck, but since that time coach Sean McDermott has declined to make any comment on Hyde’s condition, diagnosis or treatment. Other than telling the media he won’t be training for the second day in a row.

but, buffalo news I mentioned that Hyde was To get a second opinion about his injury, and that he was looking for that opinion “out of town”.

When asked specifically if Hyde was with the team for practice on Thursday, like several other injured Buffalo players including cornerback Dine Jackson, who also sustained a neck injury in Monday’s game, McDermott’s only comment was a refusal to comment.

“I’m not going there,” the coach said when asked directly if Hyde was at the training facility.

While the extent of the injury has not been established, or even what diagnosis Hyde may have already received, it’s not a good sign for Bills that Safety is seeking a second diagnosis.

Pure speculation might lead you to believe one of two things: Either the prognosis was not good and Hyde, who is 31 and beginning his 10th year in the NFL, doesn’t like the amount of time and/or speculation about it. return, or All-Pro Safety is still feeling the effects of the injury (possibly headaches, numbness, tingling, balance problems) and wants better clarity of the injury.

It should also be noted that Hyde sustained a neck injury during a pre-season game in 2015 as a member of the Green Bay Packers. Hyde had to be taken off the field due to what was reported as “neck spasms” after being intercepted in a match against Philadelphia Eagles. The August 29 injury was cleared up and Hyde was able to play and make four tackles in the team’s opening game against the team. Chicago Bears On September 13th of that season.

While the previous injury may be minor in this case, it may, at the very least, provide a safety reference point as he assesses his condition himself.

Whatever his reason for seeking another medical opinion, Hyde is not in training for the second day in a row and it seems unlikely that he will be able to play in Sunday’s game with the currently undefeated. Miami Dolphin.

safety Jaguan Johnsonthird year player outside Miami, is Next man on the bills listr and may have his time to shine in front of his hometown crowd. Johnson will have his hands full to help the rising linebacker Christian Benford And the Kaiir Elamwho are currently filling in the assignments for Jackson and Tre’Davious white (PUP), fast wide receivers cover Tyreek Hill and Jaylon Waddle who Combined to complete 24 361-yard catches and four touchdowns last week In the 42-38 Dolphins team comes from behind to beat Baltimore Ravens.

Jordan Boyer also missed training on Thursday, so Damar Hamlin may also be in the lineup.

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