Bulls’ DeMar DeRozan returns to the lineup, contemplating the long-term future


Paris – DeMar DeRozan He returns from a three-game absence from a strained right quadruple in Thursday’s game against the Detroit Pistons at Accor Arena.


There are some veterans who don’t mind more than a week halfway through another season.

DeRozan, 33, is in his 14th season. But that’s not how he handles it.

“I never looked at it that way because I hate losing games more than anything, man,” DeRozan said following the shooting Thursday morning. “My whole career has been based on playing outside, no matter how I feel physically. Whether it’s good, bad, or whatever, I’ve always been proud to be out there on the ground. So for me, my patience not to play those games has been tested on A very high level.”

It’s DeRozan’s 999th NBA game and that’s been his modus operandi throughout his career. show up. game. Don’t take a break.

In this day and age of managing loads, DeRozan goes over the grain as far as his midrange game in the modern era of 3-point mania.

“I was a kid who always wanted to play every school break, every AAU game when you play five games a day. I just always wanted to circle,” DeRozan said. “That’s always been my mentality.”

The thought process begs the obvious question: How long does DeRozan plan to play?

“I have always loved him and have such a passion for him,” DeRozan said.

A reporter suggested to DeRozan that he had the kind of game that would age gracefully. Another reporter briskly interjected that this meant he had an “old man, YMCA-type” game.

“I take it as a compliment,” DeRozan said, laughing. “I just mentally think, Do I still want to go through it at 40?”

It’s not just because DeRozan has long said his off-season is harder to train than he is to play in the season.

It is also for family reasons.

DeRozan is bringing his family with him on this trip, which is his first in this a-list city. But as much fun as he had with them, he didn’t need their presence to philosophize about the cost of his sacrifices to continue playing at such a high level at his age.

“Just to spend time with my girls and my son, it was kind of special for me,” DeRozan said when asked about his favorite off-the-field element of this particular trip. “Just to experience this moment for the first time in Paris, and for my kids too. Just to be able to hang out with them and watch them play and have fun in Paris. That was definitely the best experience for me.”

DeRozan is signed through the 2023-24 season.

“As you get older — if you had asked me this five or eight years ago, the response would probably have been different — you begin to realize that you miss a lot with your children,” he said. The oldest is 9. I was having a conversation one day and I said, “I got three more summers to go until I’m in high school. And I said, ‘Oh my God. You put it in that perspective, and it gets scary. ‘Cause it’s like, ‘Damn, my eldest daughter is in her teens.'” almost.”

“With them being in so many activities and doing so many things and missing so much, that kind of thing is going to take its toll on you. Four years from now, whatever it is, you look up and start putting things into perspective like, ‘Do I want to be there for the kids?'” A little bit more?” A lot of that stuff comes into play more than anything else, even if I’m motivated to keep doing it. We miss so much sacrificing time and we’ll never be able to get back together with our kids. I want to be there for them, my daughters and my son. Give them everything I’ve been through. That’s going to play a factor more than anything else.”

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