Can the Knicks Trade Evan Fournier as Minutes Drop?


The Knicks started the second part of the 10-game season Wednesday night in Brooklyn with an embarrassing defeat, even breaching the statistical average performance trend – in almost every way – since its 5-5 start.

All of their wins in that initial period came against teams with losing records, while all losses were incurred against clubs above 0.500.

Kevin Durant and the Nets came in with a 4-7 record – not to mention getting bogged down in Last training change And the Kyrie Irving’s comment – Yet she defeated the Knicks from start to finish in Hitting 112-85 at Barclays Center.

During the league’s closing Tuesday for Election Day – which is a great idea, by the way – the Knicks were too Right in the middle of the NBA package Statistically, they are ranked 16th in attack and 16th in defense (they are now number 23 in attack and 19 in defense). Such consistency holds both encouraging and disappointing trends depending on your overall optimism or pessimism when assessing the team’s progress and long-term prognosis, starting with how they responded to that awful Friday night display at home against the Pistons.

After escorting Knicks to Their win on the road in Minneapolis Earlier this week and considering Wednesday’s lack of performance, here are some thoughts and notes on what some of the early numbers mean and what should happen in terms of playing time as the first half of the season unfolds:

Evan can wait

Quentin Grimes’ annoying foot injury Give a chance to Cam Reddish to establish himself as a useful piece And perhaps he deserves the first-round pick that the Knicks sacrificed to get him from Atlanta in January.

Reddish was one of many Knicks posting stinky (0 for 7, zero points) against the Nets, but when Grimes are back in full and available on a regular basis – as often as possible, based on their inappropriate status – I can see Reddish still gets minutes Whether as a start in the goalkeeper or off the bench.

Knicks coach, Tom Thibodeau, has shown he wouldn’t be shy about dropping a veteran from his rotation altogether.
Corey Sibkin

This looks just as if he’s headed toward eventual removal of Evan Fournier from the spin, similar to Kemba Walker’s transition from starting to non-working last November and early December before injuries necessitated him temporarily rejoining the squad. Likewise, Austin Rivers went from a regular player to the end of the bench and ultimately got rid of during Tebodo’s first season with the Knicks in 2020-21.

The front office couldn’t find a contractor to contract Fournier — $18 million this season and another $18.9 million guaranteed for 2023-24 — on last season’s trading deadline or over the summer, even after he scored 241 three-pointers and fired 38.9 percent. From long distances last season. Perhaps attaching one of the nine first-round picks that the Knicks still controlled for the next five drafts — left over from a failed summer bid to get Utah’s Donovan Mitchell — could tempt another team to take up Fournier’s contract.

It should be noted that Fournier has dealt with his demotion from the starting line-up – averaging 14.3 minutes over his last four matches on the bench – professionally.

But it is clear that Grimes (22) and Reddish (23) establishing themselves as regular contributors is more important to building this list over the long term than any of Fournier’s short-term contributions.

Reddish’s perimeter defense has improved dramatically – drawing Thibodeau raves about Reddish’s length and activity in the passing lanes – this season following his disjointed arrival. Both have credited Reddish with taking advantage of the opportunity to learn about the system and his teammates during the team’s summer program.

“I think this works for any player,” Tibodo said. “It’s hard. You’re traded in the middle of the season, there’s no training camp. You get to know your teammates, they get to know you, and you adapt to a new system. There’s a huge adjustment going along with that. I think he spent a lot of time in New York over the summer.” Galen [Brunson] It was there, there were a number of vets around and I think that helped a lot.”

Get rid of Obi minutes

New York Knicks forward Obi Tobin (1) passes through Philadelphia 76ers forward Paul Reed (44) during the NBA game on November 4, 2022.
The Knicks are now 3-1 when Obi Tobin plays at least 20 minutes.
USA Today Sports

Even with Julius Randle playing mostly well, it is becoming increasingly difficult for Thibodeau to take Obi Toppin off the ground, especially if he is to maintain the improved consistency he showed with his 3-point shot.

Toppin’s athletics will always have value as an active spark for the team and for park loyalists, but the former lottery pick was amazingly one of only three players in the NBA as of Tuesday who were firing at least 49 percent from the field (49.4), 40 in percent from long distance (41.9) and 90 percent from the free throw line (8 vs. 8). the other two? Trey Murphy of Pelicans, as well as Steve Curry of Warriors.

The third-year striker also scored at least 20 minutes in just three of the Knicks’ first 10 games, but they’ve gone 3-0 in those competitions – a win over the Pistons and Sixers and Monday’s win over Timberwolves, in which Toppin scored 15 points and was very active defensively with four victories in his career. The Knicks lost for the first time on Wednesday with Tobin crossing that threshold (20:47); Shoot 2-vs-7, including 0-vs-2 from a 3-point range.

Missing Mitchell Robinson This week and possibly beyond with a knee sprain has enabled Thibodeau to take an extended look at Randle and Toppin’s occasional alignment as a tandem on the front court. The results were mixed: the duo did effectively play against Philadelphia and Minnesota, albeit Not much to lose on Saturday’s blast to the Celtics. But she certainly deserves an extra appearance as a matching replacement for traditional center Isaiah Hartenstein and Jericho Sims while Robinson is sidelined.

keep up the pace

New York Knicks No. 11 Jalen Bronson drives to the basket while Boston Celtics' Jalen Brown No. 7 defends at Madison Square Garden, Saturday, November 5, 2022.
Galen Bronson helped the Knicks improve from the second slowest pace in the NBA last season.
Corey Sibkin

Thibodeau not only asked the Knicks to increase the size of their 3-point attempts – which ultimately led to a season-high 48 attempts (with 19 attempts) from Monday’s post-arc against the Timberwolves, 10 more attempts than any of their previous nine games. .

Tibodou also called for an increase in the team’s pace since training camp after the Knicks finished second to bottom in the league last season with 96.42 possessions per game. This number has increased to 100.86 this seasonAnd the Up to 13th in the NBA, a huge improvement.

Jalen Bronson’s $104 million addition got the Knicks moving the ball and finding the open man, even if his 33.6 minutes per game has essentially reduced Derrick Rose’s playing time to an average of just 12.8 minutes since returning from multiple surgeries in the ankle.

Bronson in particular had one of his two worst games of the season on Wednesday night, finishing with 14 points in a 4-for-14 shot with more turnover (three) than assists (two) in 31 minutes. He posted a similar fundamental figure in the dollar’s loss in October.

At the other end of the field, the Knicks still allowed opponents as many 3-point attempts – at 41.3 per game, the most in the league. That includes 51 rolled out by the Celtics on Saturday, setting all records for both franchises in their 27 transfers. Thibodeau and several players pointed to the need to improve communication on the defensive side, although the coach said the Knicks were “Much better” in this regard at keeping Minnesota at 11 nights versus 41 nights from Long Range on Monday.

Here comes RJ

RJ Barrett #9 of the New York Knicks lines up a 3-point attempt against the Philadelphia 76ers on November 4, 2022.
RJ Barrett attributed the slight increase in his 3-point shot numbers to adapting to his teammates.
NBAE via Getty Images

RJ Barrett, who signed a guaranteed $107 million four-year contract extension, opened the season by shooting just 14.3 percent (4 for 28) from a 3-point distance over his first five games. But he did get in heat and buried 15 of 34 attempts (44.1 percent) over the past six of his six attempts.

“I just cheat, I just cheat,” Barrett said Monday. “No, I’m working on my game, you know that’s going to happen. Every year you have new players and you just try to figure out how to play with them, stuff like that, but it happens to us, and it makes us feel good.”

Similarly, Barrett started the 2020-21 season losing 21 of his first 24 attempts from outside the arc (12.5%), but finished the season with 40.1% before falling back to 34.2% last season.

Satan is waiting for his chance

New York Knicks Miles McBride (2) and Benedict Mathurin (00) of the Indiana Pacers battle for the ball during the second half of their NBA preseason basketball game on Wednesday, October 12, 2022.
Deuce McBride has been outstanding during pre-season, but has yet to play meaningful minutes in an important game.

With Robinson unavailable, senior year two Jericho Sims finally received extended playing time with his start on Mondays in Minnesota (17 minutes) and Wednesdays in Brooklyn (26 minutes) after totaling just 11 minutes over his first nine games.

Sophomore guard Miles “Deuce” McBride was on the field even less, with zero points in 10 minutes of all-season mop time, including six points in the fourth quarter Wednesday.

Thibodeau experimented with different alliances of three guards to get McBride on the field during pre-season, but he would obviously need to hit someone before him in the rotation to get a chance.

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