Capule: Steelers coaching decisions are ‘on hold’ as Mike Tomlin deals with a personal issue


The fate of some members of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ coaching staff is “on hold,” according to a report from Athletic player Mark Capule Tuesday as head coach Mike Tomlin deals with a personal issue.


After stating that the Steelers will move slowly in the off-season compared to other teams when it comes to personnel and coaching decisions, Tomlin is now dealing with personal issues that have put any personnel decisions on hold, Capule writes Tuesday for

“Personnel decisions have been delayed, according to two members of the organization who were not authorized to speak publicly, because head coach Mike Tomlin was dealing with a personal matter,” Capule wrote for “The player exit meetings, which are expected to start this week, will be held virtually for those who have left town since the end of the season,” said one of the people.

Although Canada has One year left on his contract as the Steelers’ offensive coordinator Having been promoted to the position in 2021 (the franchise typically gives coordinators three-year contracts), the Steelers could decide to make a change after facing the offense in the first half of the season before showing signs of progress in the second half of the season. Public.

While Canada has been at the facility every day since the season ended, Tomlin had already stated in his season-closing press conference last Monday that he wasn’t in by the time he was ready to be set – one way or another. Another – what to do with coaching staff decisions, specifically with Canada.

“We’re going to proceed methodically through this,” Tomlin said. “We’re probably going to move a little slower than most of our peers, but we don’t have to worry about neighbors. We have a business model, a model that we believe in, and we’re going to be thorough in doing that and in assessing what happened in trying to seize our next opportunity, and in time we’ll start working in that space.”

also during Tomlin said at his end-of-year news conference in Canada – Just like the rest of the Steelers’ young offense – it got better as the season went on.

“I thought it got better, just like our team did,” Tomlin said of the offense. “I’m not going to talk about him or anyone standing here today. I’m just not there. We’ve got some work to do, but I pretty much thought it was an improvement in the ways we’re getting better, so it was encouraging.”

Despite stating that Canada has improved as the offense has improved, Tomlin declined to answer whether Canada will be the team’s offensive coordinator in 2023, stating that the Steelers will be methodical in their approach and not rush any decisions.

This does not deviate from the typical operating procedures the Steelers go through in the off-season. Remember, Todd Haley’s, Randy Fichtner’s, and Keith Butler’s departures weren’t announced until about a week after the team’s season ended.

Although Tomlin is dealing with a personal issue that put everything on hold, it’s hard to imagine this occurrence really putting everything on hold. If Canada is or won’t be or won’t be the OC next season, he probably has some kind of initial understanding one way or the other from Tomlin.

At this point, with Canada still in action, it’s hard to imagine the Steelers surprisingly firing him now and jumping into what should be a very busy market for offensive coordinators in the coming weeks. Stranger things have happened with this franchise though.

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