Cardinals’ Cut Eno Benjamin, Arizona running back


Background: November 13, 2022; Englewood, California, USA; Los Angeles Rams linebacker Jake Gervasi (43) tackles Arizona Cardinals running back Eno Benjamin (26) For losing in the second half at SoFi Stadium. Mandatory credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea


Well, the positive hype surrounding the Cardinals after their 27-17 upset victory over the Rams didn’t last long, right?

First came this tough news for Zach Ertz:

Zach Ertz is one of the team’s building blocks and most charismatic leaders. Knowing how tough and tough Zach Ertz is, he will do everything he can to rehab and get back in shape. And his friend and teammate JJ Watt will be taking Ertz back all the way.

Then this happened from out of left field:

Per Kyle Odegaard:

The Cardinals made a surprising move on Monday, releasing backup running back Eno Benjamin.

The decision was made due to Benjamin’s vocal dissatisfaction with his diminished role in the offense, multiple sources have told

Benjamin averaged 4.3 yards per carry in 10 games with the Cardinals this season and filled in well when rookie James Conner was shelved with injuries. However, Conner returned in Week 9 and has been the backbone of each of the past two weeks.

Benjamin played only one offensive tackle on Sunday, a source said, and the diminished playing time left him visibly frustrated.

Benjamin has started three games this season, most notably with his 12-yard, 97-yard, one-touchdown performance against the New Orleans Saints in Week 7.

Benjamin averaged more half a yard per carry than Conner this season, and he also had a superior receiving season. The Cardinals nearly cut Benjamin’s path as a rookie, but coach Cliff Kingsbury has spoken regularly this season about his growth and maturity.

Emo for Eno

While there may be more to the story than Kyle Odegaard learned from “multiple sources,” based on the KO report, these were my heartfelt reactions:

In recent weeks, the Cardinals have seen a number of heated exchanges between coaches and players, as well as between upset players. The whole point is to settle contradictions in order to form a stronger union.

Cutting a loyal and strong footballer like Eno Benjamin sends a bad message to the team and to the way the team not only communicates but how it treats the players.

Even if Eno throws some f-bombs at Steve Kim or a coach – one player has already done so on national TV. Since then, the player and coach seemed to have sorted out the problem.

Even if Inoue, in the throes of utter frustration, pleaded for his release, an adult in the room would let the air cool down and then complete the situation.

The numbers and eye tests don’t lie. Eno Benjamin moved his tail. He was skimming and scratching for every extra yard. Players like Eno should be rewarded, not punished.

Eno also has to understand that if the plan is to give Pro Bowl RB James Conner the bulk of his picks, some patience is required.

But, why in the world would Eno have to be told of his diminished role in the hotel’s game plan the night before the game? What would have happened earlier in the match had James Conner set back with a rib injury?

Eno Benjamin and Keontay Ingram will be the only other options.

It’s no secret that the Arizona Cardinals have communication problems — and, in my opinion, those problems arise, build, and exacerbate with GM Steve Kim. There are a lot of examples that we have records over the years.

As long as these examples continue, the Cardinals will continue to be mired in organizational chaos, mistrust, and severe dysfunction

There, this is my emo for Eno.

Which one is yours?

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