Celtics prospect Mfiondu Kabengele has focused on improving wherever he is


“It’s a balancing act, because even though you want to win because then everyone gets to shine in some way, I completely understand that guys are trying to make it happen, make a name for themselves, take care of themselves and their families and use LG.” [League] Capengill said. “But [coach Alex] Barlow puts a good system in place and lets the players know that if we fall into these kinds of concepts and play for each other, everyone will have a chance to shine and be seen in that light, especially if we win.”


He said that when he’s not playing or going back and forth between Portland and Boston, he devours film from multiple sources. After G League games, he often receives clips of the Celtics watching his progress from afar. When he’s training with the Boston Celtics, he often gets clips from his coaches in Maine who have access to those shots.

“So I get feedback from all the staff all the time,” he said with a smile.

Capengill said he was also studying videos of big-time Celtics men Al Horford and Robert Williams, as well as Heat All-Star Pam Adebayo.

“He’s really good at pick-and-roll games, especially at switching combos,” Capengill said of Adebayo. “He’s really good at making advantages out of the keys. He’s really good at sprinting out.”

He was focused primarily on offense and defense, Capengill said, and became more comfortable guarding multiple positions, a central aspect of Boston’s heavy hitting schemes.

His time at Maine also allowed him to continue building chemistry with rookie point guard J.D. Davison, his former Summer League teammate.

“It was great, Lopes, we have a good relationship,” Cabengill said. “But he has a really good feeling, knowing when to make a transition and when to see corners and gaps. He’s really good in one-on-ones, especially in space. And for a guy this small, he still has his legs under him, he’s able to make plays with the ball, he’s still able to Seeing the land, especially all those long arms, in his first year? Absolutely amazing.”

Flights from Boston to Portland and long business hours are usually more acceptable during October and November than they are in January and February of course. But Kabengele ignored what might happen next.

“There is not a lot of sunshine but everyone is nice,” he said. “Shops close around 9:00, so you have to get out and in early. The snow hasn’t arrived yet, but I’m Canadian, so I’m prepared.”

Two men show

Jason Tatum, who scored 37 points in Boston’s 125-112 win over the Mavericks on Wednesday, has emerged as a legitimate MVP candidate. But goalkeeper Marcus Smart thinks one of his other teammates should also be involved in that discussion.

“When [Jaylen Brown] He plays the way he plays at his highest peak, he’s in that race too,” Smart said. “I was kidding with Jaylen. In the Old West, when you’re in a gunfight, you have a gun [one hip]. And I told him we have another one here with you. We have two snipers who can do some damage, so when JB is playing at his highest level, he’s an MVP candidate too.”

shooter mentality

Horford was 0-for-9 in his team’s loss to the Bulls on Monday Night. But he was confident that it was just a one-night stand rather than the start of a slump.

“The shooters, man,” said Horford. “So I’m going to keep shooting the ball. I’ve spent a lot of time this summer and this season I understand what my role is. You have to stay ready and confident and keep shooting.”

Horford was 5-for-5 from the field and 4-for-4 from the 3-point line against Dallas. He said he got a boost when coach Joe Mazzola drew a game-opening wide to get an open three-pointer.

“The coach told me I’m going to have that first play,” Horford said. “Marcus gave me a perfect pass there and I hit the ball and brought it down, and it started from there.”

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