Check AHLers in the Colorado Avalanche lineup


Same song, second verse. The Colorado Avalanche They were injured in hell and back.


With seven names out of the lineup, the team that calls Ball Arena home has been renamed the Colorado Avaleagels – simply due to the fact that there are so many AHL caliber players in the side now. Let’s see how they’ve fared so far.

Martin Kuyt (11 GP, 1G, 1A)

Kuyt has played the most out of the AHLers this season with the Avs. In 11 matches, he had 1 goal and 1 assist. While he started sixth, he rose to be an integral part of the second line on the right side for the injured Valery Nichochkin.

While not a big scorer, Kuyt was notable for his play. The most memorable was the NHL Global Series game in Finland with an average ice time of 9:22. His 11 games are the most he has played in an NHL season before. Hopefully he can keep playing a little bit longer even though he got injured Monday night vs St. Louis Blues.

Sambo Ranta (3GP, 0G, 0A)

Ranta is one of the most recent call-ups from the Eagles but has yet to score a point. Averaging only 5:42 of ice time in those three games, he fell into Jared Bednar’s trap of limiting fourth-line ice time in close games.

The ranta wasn’t bad but it also wasn’t very noticeable. Depending on how long it takes players to recover from injuries, Ranta will continue to play and get more experience at the NHL level.

Mikhail Maltsev (5GP, 0G, 0A)

Arguably Maltsev was the most notable call-up from the Eagles once the injuries started piling up. With an average of 6:36 of ice time, they were good games as Maltsev chased the puck, created pressure to force up turnovers, and a few chances for the fourth line.

While Maltsev is down with the Eagles at the moment, he may well earn his shot back on the team if Jared Bednar wants to continue giving players experience and rotations in this senior squad.

Jason Megna (5GP, 0G, 0A)

Megna has exactly the same baseline as his Maltsev counterpart, as he was the final call-up to take his place in the lineup. One of the big benefits Megna has of averaging 5:58 ice time this season is his ability to tackle.

In every match except vs Carolina Hurricanes And the Seattle KrakenHe won more than half of his matches. In a team that struggled in the final showdown all past year, it was a promising sign that he could hold his place in the team far into the future.

Shane Powers (1GP, OG, 0A)

Bowers’ expectation was to make his NHL debut and see how high he performed. However, he soon crashed back to the ground as he was hit with 1:46 of the icy time.

But his bouts before his upper body injury were showing promise. The pressure he put on the front check and he got a golden opportunity to sign up for his first shift. He will be sidelined for the next few weeks but will definitely be on the Avalanche’s radar for a call-up again.

Andreas Englund (1GP, 0G, 0A)

Englund is the light version of Kurtis MacDermid: big and strong. Funny enough, he’s hanging out with an injured MacDermid. In his first game Monday night, he wasn’t bad at all. He skated really well, threw a few strokes, and ultimately didn’t mess around big time.

While he is far from NHL caliber, he is relevant now. The more he plays, the more likely he is to improve and the longer ice time than the 10:27 he had against the Blues.

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