Chicago bears draft deals that make more sense now


It’s too early to make any firm assessments of what a Chicago Bears You’ll do it in the 2023 draft. The season isn’t over yet. While the team currently controls the No. 2 overall pick, that hold is far from secure. One win in their three remaining matches could drop them to fourth place. two would sink them to the bottom of the top ten. Which is why making projections is somewhat dangerous. However, how great draft prediction can be is educational with the system constantly changing.


Discussions center around two possibilities now for the bears. If they maintain their #2 pick next April, the consensus is that they’ll take on one of the top two defensive prospects on the board. The heavy favorites are Alabama’s Will Anderson and Galen Carter Georgia. However, many fans believe this list needs a lot of work. More than eight selections can be fixed. Perhaps GM Ryan Poles’ best course of action would be to trade down to stocking up on more picks.

So let’s assume that’s the plan. Looking at the current lineup of the teams behind them, here are three scenarios that make the most sense for Chicago and what they could get.


The Chicago Bears have some exciting possibilities on the table

#2 Pick Colts for #6 pick, 3rd in 2023, 1st in 2024, WR Michael Pittman

Indianapolis’ goal is clear. They’ve tried half measures for years in the middle since Andrew Luck’s abrupt retirement. Philip Rivers got them to the playoffs, but it only lasted one year. Carson Wentz was a failure. Matt Ryan is a worse failure. Owner Jim Arsay is getting impatient. He has already canned the head coach. GM Chris Ballard might be next unless he promises to finally fix his quarterback problem. Moving for one is his only realistic chance. The goal is to find a way to do this without giving up too many shots. This is accomplished by giving the Bears another legitimate weapon to Justin Fields in Bateman.

#2 Falcons pick for #7 pick, second in 2023, fourth in 2023, first in 2024, third in 2024

The irony is amazing. Ryan Pace leaves the team that spent years trying to get the right midfielder in as it becomes clear that he has finally achieved that goal. Now he is in a new team looking for a midfielder. Marcus Mariota is not the right guy for Atlanta. They are trying to see if Desmond Reader can. The Falcons become an easy trade-off option if he doesn’t show enough flashes during the final stretch. They understand the seriousness of owning a franchise QB. It’s about whether GM Terry Fontenot will be willing to pay the price.

#2 Panthers pick #8, 2nd pick in 2023, 4th pick in 2023, 1st pick in 2024 and WR DJ Moore

Basically the same situation as Indianapolis. Carolina had great years with Cam Newton, but he finally broke up. Since then, they have tried several options outside of the draft to fix the situation. Teddy Bridgewater did not work. Trading with Sam Darnold and Baker Mayfield didn’t work out. They don’t have a menu option to get excited about now. The frustrating part is that they have a very strong team. It’s time to take a big ride. GM Scott Vetterer dumps a nice stash of snapping and throwing at Moore as a sweetener. The wide receiver has logged over 1,000 yards three times in the past four years and is only 25 years old.

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