Chiefs News 1/25: Arrowhead antagonist Karl Schaevers named Super Bowl referee



The Chiefs haven’t made it to the Super Bowl yet, but their fans are already upset about the game’s referee | USA Today


The NFL announced its officiating crew for Super Bowl 57 on Tuesday, and Carl Shavers — who served as referee in Super Bowl 51 and 55 — will get the nod again as head referee. Chiefs fans, of course, remember the Cheffers action at Super Bowl 55 where the Chiefs were called for 120 rushing yards with 11 penalties.

But Cheffers hasn’t been kind to bosses in general, which includes this year. The Cheffers have captured 17 percent of the Chiefs’ total penalties and 20 percent of their penalty yards this season (including the postseason) even though they only worked two games.

In the Chiefs’ Week 15 game against the Houston Texans, Kansas City was called for penalties of 10 and 102 yards. So, it’s understandable that the bosses wouldn’t be happy to see Schaevers get the job.

Chiefs ‘don’t want to screw it up’ against Bengals, again | Sports Illustrated

powers, and maybe they will. Mahomes has reached five conference championship games. the black, Texas The Cardinals have played in three seasons — combined — in the 135 seasons of the Super Bowl era.

However, even for the best franchises, winning the championship usually comes down to one or two plays. Consider: Tom Brady is 7-3 in Super Bowls, but you can turn five of the wins into losses by changing the outcome of a single play. You can also turn a couple of losses into wins by changing one game.

Mahomes has already won the Super Bowl. He will have more chances after that. He’s about to win his second Most Valuable Player award, and one day he’ll be voted into the Hall of Fame. But when he’s done playing, games like this week’s will influence how we view him, and perhaps his view of himself. It may not be entirely fair, but it is the truth.

Kansas City had a year to reflect on that play at the end of the first half, the rushing interception thrown by Mahomes in the second half and the failure to gain a single yard after winning the coin-op in overtime. Mahomes may be limping with a file Ankle sprain. The Bengals might be better. But the opportunity is there, and even for a team like this, those opportunities are precious. Karlaftis may have turned off his TV last year, but this Chiefs-Bengals game is here to stay, even for him.

“I’m sure we’ll be watching it” this week, Carlaftis said. “I’m sure guys would, like, be disgusted by it. It’s an opportunity to go to the Super Bowl. You don’t want to screw it up.”

NFL Power Rankings: 3 Reasons The Chiefs, 49ers, Eagles & Bengals Will (Or Won’t Win) Super Bowl 57 | sports news

Why the Chiefs will win Super Bowl 57

1. Playmaking by Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes has been the MVP of the game for carrying a fresh offensive look beyond Travis Kelce and his reliable line. He makes it work with everyone around him and is back to being fine with his execution and efficiency after a small slump last season.

2. More interval experience. The Chiefs are the new Patriots with Mahomes. They expect to be in a steady position to reach and win the Super Bowl as a top floor contender in the AFC. They are the only ones out of the four teams to have a ring from the core of their current roster.

3. He plays great on defense. The Chiefs rely on Mahomes and the offense to pressure opponents into passing the ball as they do. Positioned with good, one-dimensional Steve Spagnuolo pass forwards and cover men, they can change games with sacks and takeaways.

Chief QB Patrick Mahomes suffered a sprained ankle. What is it and what is the recovery timeline? | USA Today

Recovery time for a high ankle sprain

Recovery from a normal ankle sprain or sprained ankle can take weeks to months. But as Mahomes demonstrated last weekend, professional athletes can perform even while they’re recovering — depending on certain factors.

A key factor is ankle stability, said David Augie, an orthopedic surgeon who treats athletes at Stanford University for foot and ankle injuries.

“If the ligaments are working, as long as his pain and symptoms are very mild, they can aggressively rehabilitate him and get him back to play,” Augie said.

Pain threshold is a factor, according to Augie, who said, “Everyone’s pain threshold is different.”

The pain seemed minimal to Mahomes, who told the media after the Chiefs’ victory over the Jaguars, “I’m not going to get out of a playoff game unless they get me out. I’m going to play. I love this sport so much.”

The injury could affect Mahomes’ movement and ability to plant and throw with his right foot.

Travis Kelsey cemented his legacy as one of the greatest TEs of all time | ESPN

Former Patriots and Bucks, Rob Gronkowski is the single-season touchdown holder for tight ends with 17 and has joked that he’s afraid Kelsey might break his mark.

“I was just on his podcast the other day and I said to him, ‘Hey, man, it’s great what you’re doing for this job,'” Gronkowski said. “But I said, ‘You’re not allowed to break one record—my narrow touchdown record.'” He can break them all, but this is not allowed.

“He’s so adept with his abilities on the road. How loose he is. I’d say that also contributes to why I never miss a game. You can tell by the way he runs – he’s so loose and so free. His body is so squishy when he’s playing outside – The way he runs tracks and opens up is absolutely amazing. He’s had seven consecutive 1,000-yard seasons—for a tight end, that’s never been done—it’s unbelievable.”

2023 NFL Playoffs: Standings for the 4 possible Super Bowl LVII games, including the Bengals vs. 49ers |

4. Chiefs vs. 49ers

We just saw this in 2019, when Patrick Mahomes won his first home run at 24. But a lot has also changed since then: Jimmy Garoppolo, 49ers QB at the time, is now sidelined in favor of Brock Purdy, though there’s a chance he’ll recover Jimmy G himself recovered from injury to serve as a backup to Birdie for the big game of the year.

The revenge factor is the driving force here, as Kyle Shanahan was certainly eager to make up for his 31-20 defeat in Super Bowl LIV. But there are plenty of other storylines, too: Purdy’s chance to take on the NFL’s best QB on the biggest stage as “Mr. Irrelevant,” Nick Bossa’s chance to disrupt Andy Reed’s offense as hacker He did so in the 2020 title game, tight end Travis Kelsey-George Keitel battle.

2023 NFL Playoff Picks: Eagles top 49ers in exciting NFC Championship, Bengals rout Chiefs in AFC Championship | CBS Sports

In a perfect world, I should personally evaluate Mahomes’ injured ankle before I pick this game up, but I’m starting to feel like that’s not going to happen, so I’m going to have to suck it up and pick it up.

Since 2014, there have been a total of 13 AFC or NFC title games that have had rematches from the regular season and in those 13 games, the team that won during the regular season went 10-3 in the rematch.

Boro is 3-0 against Mahomes with all three matches decided by exactly three points, and the Bengals will claim their third straight win. Also, Burrow has never lost in January (7-0), never lost a playoff game on the road (3-0) and I think we all know where I’m going with that pick.

Pick: Bengals 27-24 over Chiefs

Bucky Brooks 2023 NFL Mock Draft 1.0: Bills, Giants ground wide in the Round 1 |

30- Kansas City Chiefs

Antonio Johnson, S.;

School: Texas A&M

year: junior

Defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo finds ways to take advantage of the diverse talents of high-IQ defenders with loaded toolboxes.

About the NFL

Announcing the Super Bowl LVII pre-game entertainment lineup; Chris Stapleton sings the National Anthem |

To celebrate 50 years of women flying in the US Navy, the service will perform a flyover at State Farm Stadium during the national anthem with female pilots as part of the formation. The formation will consist of an F-35C Lightning II from the “Argonauts” of the 147th Strike Fighter (VFA) Squadron, two F/A-18F Super Hornets from the “Flying Eagles” from VFA-122, and an EA-18G Roar from the “Vikings”. in the 129th Electronic Attack Squadron (VAQ).

The NFL previously announced that the international icon, Rihanna Apple Music title Super Bowl halftime showwhich will be produced by DPS with Roc Nation and Jesse Collins as executive producers, and Hamish Hamilton serving as director.

The Broncos Don’t Need a Splashy New Coach | Tilt altitude report

The fact is that Denver Broncos Need something much bigger than a splashy new trainer. They need a complete culture shift as an organization at every level.

The truth is, this team has turned into a perpetual loser and the losing culture has permeated the Broncos from top to bottom.

The only hope this franchise has is that the new owners will turn things around by not putting up with the festering and infected belief systems that have gripped the front office, players, and coaches.

So I, for one, don’t read the latest on The Broncos where I didn’t see a rematch with Sean Payton as a bad thing or a sign of incompetence. My hope is that what we’re seeing is a leadership group working their way up their schedule in order to turn this franchise back into a competitive team with the right firepower, will, and mindset needed to win.

Tom Brady squandered over a question about the future of the NFL…dropping the F Bombs TMZ Sports

“If I knew what I was doing, I would have already done it.”

Tom Brady I’m tired of everyone asking if he’s going to retire… ’cause the legendary quarterback just emptied his campaign “Let’s go!” SiriusXM Podcast Host Jim Gray to try and get an update on his decision.

The awkward moment as the two discussed the remaining teams in the NFL playoffs on Monday went downhill… when Gray turned the topics to Brady’s future.

“Tom, you’re letting everyone guess,” said Gray. “You said you would take your time. Do you have any kind of schedule for what you might want to do with your football career?”

And that’s when Brady delivered his expletive-filled response…and clearly annoyed at having to discuss the subject.

“I take it one day at a time,” Brady added.

In case you missed it on Arrowhead Pride

Total breakdown of Chad Heene’s 98-yard drive against the Jaguars

Patrick Mahomes was down. His ankle and knee were in different directions from his torso. This seemed incredibly serious.

Was it the bosses power More hopes? Will this continue next season? How can the team respond emotionally with its best players out?

It was all floating around in my head for the duration of that moment, but coach Andy Reid doesn’t have time to think about things like that during a game. Reed had to immediately craft a game plan around backup quarterback Chad Heene, who would need to lead the offense enough to win the game.

We’ve only seen Henne drive one, and he drove what could become one of the most famous drives in Chiefs history, if Kansas City wins a title. The Chiefs were pinned at their own two-yard line, but went on a 12-play surgery that culminated in a touchdown that gave the Chiefs a two-point lead. The theatrical communication, execution and composure of all involved was excellent.

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