Damian Lillard declares himself the second best NBA player of all time


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Damian Lillard’s career with the Trail Blazers has reached an inflection point as his legacy takes hold. We feel it, the fans feel it, the record books feel it, the lady feels it. On Monday night, Lillard surpassed Clyde Drexler to become the franchise’s all-time leading scorer. Lillard’s career has been an exhilarating ride, but his chance to stay important beyond this generation is fading away. For years in the mid-2010s, a group of NBA insiders or fans tried to argue that Lillard was on board with Steve Curry as a shooter.


Over time, the opponents faded away. There are a few pinwheels, but recognition of Curry as the patron saint of bulletproof makers has become a basketball credo. However, Lillard clearly felt overshadowed by Carey’s accomplishments. Two years ago, he commented on Carrie is struggling without his All-Star teammates and eventually having to eat his words.

His latest blasphemy may be worse. In his post-game remarks on Monday, Lillard made it clear where he believes he should be among the outstanding pitchers in league history.

“I always see things on social media where they talk about the greatest pitchers of all time and they always act like it’s crazy for people to mention me,” Lillard said. “I think about how many trios I’ve made, how consistent they are, and the level of difficulty that I’ve been shooting trios at over the years and years and years, I think it’s kind of crazy people don’t mention me in those discussions.”

Lillard continued his explanation, but it didn’t get any better.

“Obviously I think Steve is the greatest of all, but I think beyond him, I don’t understand why I’m not clear in that discussion, not just by making, but how to shoot it, how to make it tough all the time, how easy it is to hit the ball, Lillard added. “I’m looking forward to continuing to climb that list, so once I get up there in the top two, I’m curious to see what people will say about me as a shooter at that point.”

When Lillard pushed himself into the top two or top three all-time He’s probably referring to the 3-point list, but booiiiiiiii… Sometimes that super confident he can take 30 feet without any regard goes a little too far. Lillard is great, but he wouldn’t even make it to NBA Shooter’s Mt. Rushmore.

Even if you stick to the modern era NBA, Kevin Durant is the purest shooting alternative of Curry. His career-high 38 percent three-point shooting percentage matches Lillard’s except that he is one of the better quarterbacksrange, range pitchers in the modern era and he has done so in the postseason as well. Durant’s slender arms extend longer than most peninsulas, making his shot impossible when he rises and reaches out. There’s a reason his shape is the standard by which Victor Wampanyama’s shooting direction is measured.

Durant is overlooked because he is bigger, not as crafty, and prefers to take the occasional midrange Crossing from the launch of unmanned missiles from the logo. Due to his massive size and height, Durant is not limited to driving to the basket, and thus his scoring profile is not based on an arc. But when he does, he’s a force to be reckoned with.

To Lillard’s credit, he has established himself as one of the Two of the most prolific shooters over 30 feet in the history of the NBA. This is partly because, until recently, taking “bad shots“From that distance it was reprehensible. Between 2015 and 2016 and 2021, Lillard was more efficient It is comparable to shooting the size of Trae Young From Wet curry work. The disparity between Lillard and Curry of 30 feet or more is so wide that, during that span, Curry was more accurate on deep threes than Lillard of 24 feet Outside.

Lillard is a Major in the Index 3 Transcontinental, but his status as Curry’s Salutatorian expert is an Everest-level climb. Lillard’s belief in himself is both an overconfidence and a classic example of modernism bias. Right now, he’s nearly 1,000 behind Ray Allen and trailing Reggie Miller by 1,300 triple. Larry Bird was not fortunate enough to participate in the three-point era, yet his shooting prowess is almost legendary.

Miller and Allen were copycat archers from the Mesozoic era of the 3-point bow. Allen in particular was a master of long range strikes. His figure was frozen in amber for nearly two decades. His consistency was unparalleled and at Allen’s peak, he was an elite level three scorer who could finish over the edge.

But it’s all moot without Lillard acknowledging the only other player whose individual accomplishments match Curry’s and who had a cultural stranglehold on the greatest shooting belt alive until Curry’s rise. Larry Bird was an absolute sniper, MVP, A three-time champion whose arsenal includes a long-range light machine gun, a vanisher, and the spin-off game of times of crisis HORSE.

Six times, Bird shot more than 40 percent from distance, but he rarely took more than three doubles per night during his fledgling years in the league that coincided with With the advent of the 3-point line and the creation of a monopoly of the first 3-point triple contests until he retired from the event.

In an era when remote shooting was an afterthought, Bird was still able to join the exclusive game

50-40-90 for the club twice while Lillard finished just one season with a 3-point shooting percentage in excess of . 400. Baird deserves some respect for his name. But so did Kyrie Irving, who stormed the 50-40-90 club, and Irving’s former coach, Steve Nash, who He joined the club four times.

Lillard is an exceptional long-distance killer, but he holds it down as the best shooter ever Not named Wardell is the high bar. This is a roaring roster that leaves Lillard a loser in the crowd.

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