Detroit Lions players, fans react to Ben Johnson’s return for another season


On Tuesday night, the big news is that Detroit Lions Attack coordinator Ben Johnson is back Projection. According to a report by Tom Bellisero, Johnson removed his name from consideration because he felt the Lions were building something special and he wanted to be a part of that.


The Lions had a top-five offense last year, and Johnson is largely credited with the unit’s surprising turnaround. Understandably, the news sent the Lions Nation into a frenzy. Many were preparing to lose Johnson, as he was Vegas is considered a favorite for two separate careers in coaching Recently on a Tuesday afternoon. So, getting the news that Johnson was suddenly back—before he had a chance to interview the Panthers—was nothing short of fantastic news.

So let’s take a look at the best reactions from One Pride Nation’s Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

Let’s start with some players. First up is tackle Taylor Decker, who’s got his emotions on his sleeve this year. His initial reaction: disbelief.

You might think that the reactions would be limited to only the offensive players on the team, however, even players on the defensive and special teams can feel the enormity of the news. Here’s long snapper Scott Daley.

Here’s cornerback Chase Lucas.

But the best reaction of all came from Lions stud receiver Amon-Ra St. Louis. Brown. St. Brown’s saw his career flourish under Johnson. The young receiver’s rookie season imploded almost simultaneously with Johnson’s promotion to passing game coordinator. And when Johnson was promoted to offensive coordinator that season, the St. Browns and Lions both took off.

During the “blowouts” this yearWe saw St. Brown declare Johnson a “genius.”

So how did Saint Brown react to the news on Tuesday night? It’s fair to say he was moved and happy:

(Note: Iykyk = If you know, you know.)


Now let’s move on to some Lions fans, who were having a party last night. Here’s our staff’s reaction:

And some other best reactions from the internet:

And if you missed it, you can check out our live Twitch reaction to the emergency here:

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