Devin Vassell shines in Tottenham’s loss to the Pelicans


The good guys have lost their sixth in a row, but there’s a lot to be thankful for as Tottenham wind down in November. Devin Vassell led all Spurs players with 26 points at his usual efficiency, going 10-17 from the field and dishing out 8 assists. Doug McDermott was more efficient off the bench, shooting 9-12 overall. Vassell and McDermott combined to shoot 50% from three-point land. Jacob Poeltel led all players with 14 rebounds, and the big guy had 3 steals for the night.


Devin Vassell continues to show his growth this season. Here, he shows off his ability to break down defense and finish from the edge. Tottenham fans are grateful for the improved performance of the third player of the year.

Dishes were plentiful on Thanksgiving Eve as Vassell made sure everyone in his Spurs family ate plenty. Here, rookie Jeremy Suchan feeds into the teeth of the Pelican defense. Vassell’s high-8 pass was a welcome sight and hopefully a sign of more play-making ability as part of his offensive repertoire

Nothing you see here other than hitting Fassel with a triple pull up cursor. For the season, Vassell’s hit rate is 44% of downtown.

To put that in perspective, only four players have attempted a minimum of 100 three-point shots and have shot better than 44%: (1) Kevin Hutter (.496% on 125 attempts), (2) Desmond Payne (.451%) in 102 attempts), (3) Stephen Curry (. 444% in 198 attempts — well, that’s one in itself), and (4) Royce O’Neill (. 440% in 109 attempts). This puts Devin Vassell in elite company as he shoots 0.41% from three on 102 attempts.

For Turkey Day, Doug McDermott thanks Keita Bates Diop and double screen Jacob Boltel for making it open to this three-pointer. Dougie McBuckets, usually known for his sniping from deep, was also great inside the three-point line tonight, finding a variety of ways to score.

Trey Jones made a beautiful pass to the snarling Vassell for a dunk. If you think that sounds delicious, you should try the turkey quesadilla with cranberry sauce. It seems like an unholy alliance, but it works for a reason.

Rookie sensation Jeremy Suchan called out dibs on a turkey leg, and sure enough (don’t call him Shirley) call the bank on this wild bird.

Suchan continues to acclimate to basketball at the NBA level, scoring double-digit goals in 3 of his last 4 games and 6 of his last 8 games overall. Of course, his defensive skills continue to improve as the season progresses.

Tottenham’s big men here show off their two-man attack as Jeremy Suchan finished off a pass by Jakub Poeltel well placed. Poeltl is like the kind of person who frys a turkey. I can’t say I have any problem with that. Inject your bird with some Cajun seasoning, pat the skin with two parts salt, one part baking powder, put a 20-pound dinosaur in some oil, and you’ve got yourself a juicy, crispy turkey.

Happy birthday to the incomparable Belle Land!

To make smoky cabbage, cut a hole in the core of the cabbage, insert a mixture of butter, garlic, and liquid smoke, wrap tightly in foil, and bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 3 hours. Watch Devin Fassel take this tender and zap all the way to the basket for dipping, On the stove cook the chopped bacon, then remove the bacon from the pan (saving the grease), when the cabbage is tender, remove it from the oven and chop it into pieces, cook the cabbage in the bacon fat on the stove, mix it in the bacon, serve it to your friends And your family – Happy Thanksgiving Tottenham fans!

And last but not least, the full game highlights:

Next, the Spurs come out of Thanksgiving to face Los Angeles Lakers In San Antonio on Black Friday, November 25, 2022.

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