Dodgers prospects: Cartaya, Miller top 9 in Baseball Prospectus Top 101


To end a busy week with the highly anticipated national rankings, Baseball Prospectus unveiled its top 101 list on Friday. A whopping nine Dodgers made the list, more than any other team in baseball.


This was predicted a bit in December when Baseball Prospectus released its list of the Dodgers’ top prospects. in The accompanying podcast at the timePitcher Nick Frasso will hit the 101st, Jeffrey Paternostro said. Acquired from the Blue Jays on August 2 in a Mitch White tradewas rated the eighth best prospect in the Dodgers system.

Dodgers in Baseball Prospectus Top 101

player POS 2023 2022
player POS 2023 2022
Diego Cartaya c 19 55
Bobby Miller RHP 27 63
Michael Vargas 3B/OF 39 36
Gavin Stone RHP 50 N.R
Nick Nastrini RHP 54 N.R
Dalton Rushing c 56 N.R
Michael Bush 2b 59 N.R
Nick Frasso RHP 79 N.R
Andy Pages from 90 68

Source: Baseball Bulletin

Frasso was ranked the 79th best prospect in MLB by Baseball Prospectus. But in true “Ocean 11” fashionBP decided the Dodgers needed another one. That outfielder was Andy Pages, who was among The quartet of players were added to Los Angeles’ 40-man roster in November. It records at No. 90 this year, after Appearing at No. 68 prior to the 2022 season.

Nine potential Dodgers in the top 101 are the most of any team. The Orioles come in with eight prospects, including three top-nine finishers and top-ranked Gunnar Henderson. No other team has more than five prospects on the roster.

Baseball prospectus has the usual suspects at the top, led by Diego Cartaia at #19. He’s the second-ranked catcher on the list, behind only Francisco Alvarez of mets In fourth place overall. Bobby Miller is 27th on BP’s list and is the ninth highest on the list, combined with Guardians right-handers Daniel Espino and Gavin Williams, who are 25th and 26th respectively.

Miguel Vargas is 39th, which is actually a few marks down From his position of No. 36 prior to last season. But he’s easily the most major-league-ready Dodgers team in the bunch, and will most likely influence a major-league team all season.

Gavin Stone, the Dodgers’ fifth-round pick in 2020 out of Central Arkansas, kicked off 2022 with a 1.48 ERA across three levels, and is expected to pitch for the Dodgers sometime this year after starting the season at Triple-A. Baseball Prospectus ranked Stone No. 50 overall.

“Gavin Stone has the best shortstop in minor league baseball, and he might have the best fastball in minor league baseball,” said Jarrett Seidler on BP’s 101 Best Potential Podcasts on Thursday. Paternostro added, “Once he gets the majors, he’s going to have one of the best changes in it major league baseball.”

The only one out of six Dodgers rated at Top 100 predictions by Baseball America earlier in the week But not among the top 101 BP’s is pitcher Ryan Pepiot. Ranked 55th overall by BA. in Team standings from DecemberBaseball Prospectus ranked Bebiot the No. 11 candidate, behind James Ottman at No. 10.

Seidler In a reply tweet called Outman when someone He asked about a player who missed out on the Top 101 and who “could still end up with a multiple All-Star career.”

Other Dodgers who made the Baseball Prospectus list who were not on the BA list were pitcher Nick Nastrini (#54 BP), A fourth-round selection in 2021 from UCLA who has struck out 35 percent of batters across two levels in 2022, and catcher Dalton Rushing (56th), Dodgers second-round pick last year who earned an astonishing 213 WRC+ in 30 matches in his professional debut.

“It is very unusual for us to rank drafted leads outside of the top 20 [in the immediately preceding year] at the top 101, and when we do it’s usually at the bottom,” Seidler explained on the podcast about Rushing400 with a power in [Low]A – After the draft. With his racquetball analytics models, he was also one of the best recruits. He barely played in 2020 because he was stuck behind the aforementioned Henry Davis at Louisville. I don’t think we should knock a guy over because he was stuck in the back The nation’s first overall pick. “

The Dodgers have been ranked on national top prospect lists

player POS baseball america Baseball Bulletin
player POS baseball america Baseball Bulletin
Diego Cartaya c 18 19
Bobby Miller RHP 21 27
Michael Vargas 3 b 30 39
Gavin Stone RHP 56 50
Michael Bush 2b 54 59
Nick Nastrini RHP N.R 54
Ryan Babyot RHP 55 N.R
Dalton Rushing c N.R 56
Nick Frasso RHP N.R 79
Andy Pages from N.R 90

Source: Baseball Bulletin

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