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Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Trevor Bauer has won an appeal of his 324-game ban.


Bob Nightingale USA Today He shared a statement from Major League Baseball announcing that umpire Martin Scheinman had reduced Bauer’s suspension to 194 games, meaning he was reinstated.

Bob Nightingale @BNnightengale

The official statement from MLB regarding Trevor Bauer’s suspension dropped him to 194 games, reinstating him

“While we believe a longer suspension was warranted, MLB will abide by the neutral arbitrator’s decision, which upholds the longest suspension of players in baseball for sexual assault or domestic violence,” the statement said.

On April 29, Major League Baseball announce 324 commentary games for Bauer covering two full seasons. The ban did not include matches he was not eligible to play while on administrative leave.

ESPN’s Jeff Bassin noted in a May 2022 episode of Baseball tonight podcast that the watered-down suspension was the most likely outcome of Bauer’s complaint against MLB.

“When you look at a suspension this big, normally massive suspensions find some sort of lowering,” Bassin said. SI.cominside Dodgers). “I don’t know if it’s going to be half of the season, I don’t know if it’s going to be a full season. But MLB thinks they have an awful lot of evidence against Trevor Bauer.”

Bauer has not appeared at a game since June 28, 2021. Two days later, Southern California law enforcement officials has been confirmed They were investigating the right-handed shooter amid allegations that he assaulted a woman after she called the police around May 16.

Bauer’s attorney, John Fiterulf, released A.J statment On behalf of his client he denies the allegations:

Mr Bauer had a brief consensual sexual relationship which he initiated [his accuser] Starting April 2021. We’ve got messages showing [his accuser] He repeatedly requests “rough” sexual encounters. In the days following the second and final encounter, [his accuser] She shared photos of herself and indicated that she had sought medical attention for a concussion. Worried and confused, Mr. Power responded, W.H [his accuser] He was neither angry nor accusatory.”

The woman who accused Bauer has obtained a temporary restraining order against him. It was dissolved In August 2021 when Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Diana Gold-Saltman denied her request for a permanent restraining order.

MLB Developed Bauer is on administrative leave on July 2, 2021. Since the administrative leave only covers a seven-day period, the league has continued to extend it as it continues its investigations into the allegations.

Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announce In February, she will not file a criminal case against Bauer.

“After a thorough review of all available evidence, including civil restraining order procedures, witness statements and physical evidence, the DA’s office was unable to prove the relevant charges beyond a reasonable doubt,” the DA’s office statement said.

Bauer tweeted after announcing the suspension that he was appealing the decision and denied violating MLB’s domestic violence and sexual assault policy.

Trevor Bauer @Power Outage

In the strongest possible terms, I deny any domestic violence violations in the League & sexual assault policy. I appeal this action and expect it to prevail. As we have done during this process, my representatives & I respect the confidentiality of the procedures.

On the same day the suspension was announced, Joss Garcia Roberts affiliate Washington Post It was reported that a second woman had spoken out, accusing Bauer of choking her unconscious without her consent, among other things.

in May, John Heyman affiliate New York Post People reported inside the sport were unsure if Bauer would ever play in MLB again.

“No one wants to side with him,” one old baseball player told Heyman.

Bauer’s contract with the Dodgers will expire after the 2023 season, though Heyman has indicated the team may release him now that the outcome of his appeal is known. The 31-year-old signed a three-year, $102 million contract extension with Los Angeles in February 2021.

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