Dominant Anthony Davis isn’t enough as the Lakers fall to the Suns



there is a promise – Anthony Davis Jumpers swing at the highest level, blocking every bounce and disabling opposing offenses in every way.

But there’s also a catch – Davis awkwardly tangles his left arm Devin BookerHe hits his head on the field, and needs a time out to get back on his feet and on LakersBench.

Tuesday night in Phoenix, Davis was able to stay in the game, grabbing his left elbow and repeatedly trying to tap his left hand.

It was a reminder of the adventure the Lakers had over three years ago when they tackled the future in favor of Davis — a bet that paid off with an NBA championship and matched as many moments as the one in the first half of Tuesday against him. suns.

Davis alone was not enough in a file 115-105 loss to the Sun, Lakers ice cold three and play again without LeBron James. But Davis was still plenty — 37 points, 21 rebounds, five blocks and five steals — going on a streak with perhaps his best game since the Lakers dealt with him.

On Tuesday, Davis became the first player in NBA history to score at least 35 points, grab 20 rebounds, and have five blocks and five steals since the league began recording blocks and steals.

“It’s one of a kind,” said Russell Westbrook. “He was always like that, able to mark his game in so many ways.”

It was Davis’ fourth consecutive game with at least 30 and his fifth in a row.

it was great; The injury, if only for a short time, threatened it.

“I don’t know if I went down on his shoulder or something… I lost feeling in my arms, my fingers and my hands,” said Davis. “…my left hand, you didn’t need it much tonight.

“They said I needed to let the nerve calm down. I was like, ‘I don’t have time to let the nerve calm down.'”

The game appeared to be decided when Patrick Beverley really made his impression as a Laker, running and shoving Deandre Ayton as Ayton was standing over Austin Reeves, who was frustrated after being punched in the face by Booker.


Devin Booker of the Phoenix Suns hits a three-pointer against Lakers quarterback Austin Reeves (15) during halftime in Phoenix on Tuesday.

(Daryl Webb / Associated Press)

Beverly knocked Ayton down, and I tripped him up on Reeves.

“We have each other’s back,” Davis said.

Booker was ultimately called for a flagrant 1 foul, Ayton for a technical foul and Beverley for a technical foul – with Beverley being ejected for the first time as a Laker.

Beverly said he was unprofessional in his reaction and called it a “very unfortunate” incident, but that he did not like Ayton and “mean” Booker Reeves.

“I personally love him,” Westbrook said.

Aside from the incident, the Lakers didn’t get enough about Davis, as Beverly and Troy Brown Jr. – two starting Darvin Hamm – combined to miss all seven of their shots while not scoring. Beverley grabbed 10 rebounds before being ejected from the game.

The Lakers, who have been over 30% in each of their last six games from three-point range, had the worst night of depth shooting in a month, hitting just four from 22 (18.2%).

They survived the game because of Davis, 24 points from Lonnie Walker and 21 from Westbrook and because the team made 29 of 35 from the free throw line.

The Lakers limited the Sun to five free throw attempts.

The Lakers have missed James for the fifth straight game since he was injured late in the loss to the Clippers. And although he could return when the Lakers play in San Antonio on the Friday after Thanksgiving, Hamm wasn’t obligated.

“It was a day in and day out,” Hamm said. “He’s been able to get into the weight room and continue strengthening. But just day in and day out. I told him today, when we get to a place where we feel comfortable going there, we’ll get to it. The team, again, we’ve got extra bodies in Dennis.” [Schroder] and Thomas [Bryant]So this was useful. We are in a good rhythm now so there is no rush. There is no panic.”

When asked about James’ return, Hamm declined to say.

“Circumstances change,” Hamm said before kick-off. “Knock on wood… It’s the NBA season and again, we don’t want to get too ahead of ourselves in how we plan things out.”

Phoenix, who was without Chris Paul, had 25 points from Booker and 25 from Michael Bridges.

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