Eagles news: Carson Wentz admits he could have done better as a person and teammate at Philly

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After ‘Wild Ride’ in Philly, Carson Wentz prepares for his ex – The Washington Post
“There are always things to look forward to and [think]Oh man, I could have done better here. I could have been better as a person and as a teammate. [There are] He said a lot of things you don’t take for granted. “And so I think I definitely thank God for the experiences I’ve had even though sometimes it’s just as dark or sometimes not what I had envisioned. But I think he has allowed me to grow as a person, and I’m grateful for that.” […] A division victory may change the course of any team. But with Wentz in burgundy instead of green, the match has personal connections that can ensure the ride continues in the wild. “I’m excited about it,” Wentz said. “But… you try not to make the game bigger than it has to be. Every week is a big week. It’s hard to win in this league. And so I know that once the first game kicks off, it will be football again.”

Inside the Eagles’ 2020 QB Transformation That Changed the Careers of Galen Hurts, Carson Wentz – ESPN
Trust was at the heart of the issue. Sources familiar with the inner workings of the crime said Wentz was often reluctant to play within the system during his time in Philadelphia. One of those sources said he was upset when his freedom to manage crime was largely stripped as injuries piled up and ineffective performances during the 2020 season soured his relationship with Pederson. With the coach and quarterback pulling in different directions, the offense fumbled. Much has been said about Wentz’s standing among his teammates during his days with the Eagles. The bottom line is that Wentz was largely seen as a good guy and a good teammate – several players said they had spoken with Wentz in the past week and had complemented him as a person and player – but he ran in a tight circle and thus did not have strong relationships built across The entire dressing room. So when Wentz targets good friend Zach Ertz a lot more than other pick-up options over the course of the season – like when Ertz had 48 more goals than any other player in 2019 – it will smash some players the wrong way because they did. They don’t have the same access to him off the field as Ertz did.

Eagles at Commanders: Five must-watch matches – PhillyVoice
His stats, printed, look pretty good. He’s 57 of 87 (65.5%) for 650 yards (325 per game), 7 TDs and 3 intelligence. The 7 TDs tied him up with three other quarterbacks for a share of the league lead, however, his 3.4% IQ (small sample size alert) is the same as it was in 2020, when he led the league in the INTs despite securing seats The substitutes in the last four matches. It should be noted that his three guilt this season was his fault. The vultures need to enforce “what the hell is this?” Moments, and they can do that by clicking. Wentz’s worst trait remains his lack of pocket […] One of the favorite quirks of Pocket Wentz’s existence is that once a hasty avoids the edge, or runs right past him, it’s as if he thinks that player isn’t around anymore, and won’t keep trying to chase after him. He’s done this throughout his career at Philly, moving to Indianapolis and now Washington, with an example shown in the Twitter thread above. Typically, you don’t want the edgers to go too far on the field and simply be escorted around the turn, taking themselves out of the play. In front of Wentz, Haason Reddick and Josh Sweat shouldn’t feel the need to try to make their way toward the middle as much as possible. Taking wider paths to Wentz can be just as effective. If you stand behind him, Wentz will eventually drift into the pocket for opportunities to get naked. The plan should be to put him in the pocket, and whenever a lineman is within close range, he tackles the football, not the quarterback, because he is one of the worst players in the league to protect.

Eagles vs Vikings: 18 winners, 5 losers, 1 IDK – Bulgarian Leva
Hurts also made a really great throw that rolled to his left to hit Quays Watkins along the touchline, but it was eliminated by a penalty. As a sprinter, Hurts chose his positions well rather than relying on his legs too much. His dash for 26 yards at 3 and 2 was incredibly impressive. He could easily have run out of bounds but saw a weakness and attacked it, fighting through contact and extending the ball over the goal line for the score. Hurts left no doubt on Monday night. He looked like a franchise quarterback that the Eagles would be more than happy to sign a long-term contract extension soon after this season. More than that, though, he seemed like a great NFL MVP nominee out there. This was such an impressive performance that raised the Eagles ceiling for being legit Energy contenders. Very exciting stuff!

NFL Week 2 – PFF . High School Rankings
8. Philadelphia Eagles. Top rated DB: CB Darius Slay (84.8) We saw a vintage performance from Darius Slay in Monday Night Football for Week 2, appearing on Kirk Cousins ​​twice. He was fully dominant on the way to the fourth-highest score in the game (86.6) among the 189 eligible minor players in Week 2. With Slay, Avonte Maddox and James Bradberry, the Eagles have one of the top three quarterbacks in the league. But, of course, they need their security to play better – and they will. Until then, they were only ranked within the top ten.

NFL Game Week 3 picks: Steelers beat Browns; Best Buccaneers Packers – NFL.com
Commanders Attack is erratic but surprisingly fun. They have enough playmakers and audacity to bring the Eagles back to Earth. But the contact issues in Washington’s defense and the lack of rush of passes remind us all of 2021. Like most of the teams facing Philly, the captains aren’t strict enough.

NFL picks against spread: Vic Tafur loves Bills and Giants to reach 3-0 – The Athletic
Revenge game Carson Wentz vs the Eagles. Yes Dear. The leaders couldn’t stop Jared Goff last week, so what are they going to do in the end fantasy football The best player in the world Galen Hurts? Miles Sanders averaged 7.4 yards last week. (Washington is the only team that actually allowed two runs over 50 yards, while 25 teams didn’t even allow one.) We’re just asking Wentz not to throw the ball to Darius Sly and to keep a talented reception team. He comes close and doesn’t lose much at home against a team that played on Monday night. An ATS win still counts as revenge, right? Choice: Leaders (+6.5)

Spadaro: The pulse of the locker room? The focus is all on Washington – PE.com
In the context of everything Fletcher Cox has seen in a defensive encounter in his 11 seasons, there’s nothing he can pass up on. Yes, it’s good that the Eagles won their first two games, and of course the players and coaches understand the story is Carson Wentz as the primary quarterback for the Washington captains on Sunday. There are a couple of things to consider here, no doubt, but given the normal course of the season, it’s nothing more than light signs. “It’s about us and it’s something I say every week,” Cox said Wednesday as the Eagles prepared for their walkthrough of the Novakir complex. “We have to prepare for a football game on Sunday against a good team in Washington who knows us, this is in our league. We know that every time we play it is a fight. That is our focus.”

Tracking the 2022 Linear Super Bowl Title – Daily Norseman
But our friends at the Norse Code podcast took that idea very seriously, and as such we’ll now be tracking this year’s Linear Super Bowl title. Look, the Vikings won the Super Bowl in their first week. .if you are stupid. . The Philadelphia Eagles then defeated them for the Linear Super Bowl title last Monday. This week, your Linear Super Bowl will either stay with Philadelphia or move to their division rivals, the Washington Leaders. We will continue to track that title throughout the season and see where it ends up. Will she have a chance to return to Minnesota? Probably. . . But there is a long way to go on this front.

Leaders vs Eagles injury report Wednesday: Cam Curl was fully involved in practice today – Hughes Haven
Out of safety, Cam Curl sustained a thumb injury in his second pre-season game of Commanders and underwent surgery. He missed both games, and was wearing a practice crew while working on the side field. He was fully involved in today’s training and is expected to play on Sunday. His replacement, Darek Forrest, will also be working in defense after some positive play at Curl’s rest.

Is the New York Giants Championship 2022 real? Unbelievable numbers – Big Blue View
It’s two games, don’t get excited. A non-statistically significant sample. The teams the giants have played are not good. This may be true for Carolina. Tennessee was thought to be a high-quality opponent but they were dismantled by Buffalo, so it remains to be seen if they will survive AJ Brown’s loss to the Eagles. The Giants are a group of mostly average players, but training makes up for this with good offensive and defensive schemes and good playing calls at the right time to hide their flaws and put them in positions for success. This is reasonable but difficult to determine. Wink Martindale’s aggression on defense and heavy fronts versus dime packs sure made a difference. Mike Kafka’s offensive sequences working differently with the same early move are sure to make a difference. Brian Dabol’s decision to go for two certainly made a difference. They just got lucky. Missed field goal at 47 yards. Field goal 56 yards. Reverse those and it might be 0-2.

Cowboys at Giants Preview: Michael Gallup and Jason Peters can change things in the game – Blogging The Boys
As for Peters, it’s a bit more blurry. The plan is for him to train this week and see how it goes. Here’s what Stephen Jones had to say about his game. “beginning[ing] Let’s feel good, especially since we know Peters and Conor McGovern are going to get better sooner rather than later.” “So, it’s just going to help our depth up front.” Earlier in the week, Jerry Jones mentioned “flexible mode” when he talked about playing Peters. So It’s unclear where exactly he would fit in if he played in. But if the Cowboys wanted to roll out their top five, it would be LT Peters, LG Smith, C Biadasz, RG Martin and RT Steele.

Why stopping bills passing is almost impossible – SB Nation
I do my best to prepare for every radio appearance. On Tuesday, for the first time in a long time, I couldn’t answer a question. This came during my weekly appearance on Sportsnet 650, with my friends Bik Nizzar and Randip Janda, which you can watch every Tuesday at 2:30 PT if you’re interested. Late in the clip, they ask a relatively straightforward question. “How did you stop buffalo bills? “I stumbled my way by not answering, because right now, I haven’t been able to come up with a way. Through two games, it seems I’m not alone. The Bills, a pre-season Super Bowl favourite, is 2-0 and lives up to expectations.” They went on the road in Week 1 to take on the defensive Super Bowl champions, beating Los Angeles Rams With a final score of 31-10. Then on Monday night, they hosted Tennessee Titans – Last year’s seed in the Asian Football Confederation – and won 41-7. Meaning, they beat the Super Bowl champions and the AFC No.1 seed in consecutive weeks, 72-17. They have only bet three times this season.

Bills WR Stefon Diggs, Bills at Dolphins, & the Gauntlet – SB Nation NFL Show
This week on the SB Nation NFL Show, Rob “Stats” Guerrera, Kyle Posey, and Justis Mosqueda prepare you for Week 3 of the NFL season. Before we preview one of the biggest games of the week between the Bills and Dolphins – we sit down with Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs as he exits his massive performance on Monday night. We usually preview the game Thursday night – but we’d rather discuss this huge East Asian rivalry between the Bills and Dolphins. To wrap things up, we take the NFL’s most overreacted by “the gauntlet.”

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