Edwards: The Pistons need to show some pride and walk


Philadelphia – in Wednesday’s game vs 76ersthe pistons It was 15 turnovers… in the first half. They fell short in another third quarter. They lost another game, 113-93, when that wasn’t the case.


Philadelphia wasn’t cool. The Eastern Conference studs were just fine. Fine. 76 has been beaten by any team that does not wish to beat themselves first. That’s been the story with Detroit over the past few weeks. Pistons tilt the gun with their foot before the opponent has to really kick the door. Detroit knows it’s young. She knows she has to flirt with perfection or go all out – oftentimes both – to terrorize some of the best leagues and beat some NBAmedium sides. The Pistons know they can’t give opponents easy points. The Pistons also realize they haven’t won the third quarter in four games.

Detroit often goes toe-to-toe with the opposition in front of them for the first 24 minutes and the last 12 minutes of a ball game. It’s those first-half scores that stop the Pistons from turning eight wins into 10 or 11. It’s those few minutes of bad decision-making, stagnation, and lack of focus that are the reason they’re so bottom of the NBA standings.

Detroit’s problems can be easily resolved. Everyone in the dressing room knows what to do. Different voices at different times echoed the same feelings. Ultimately, though, Detroit has to go the route.

“It’s easy to say, but it’s always different when you’re out on the floor,” said the veteran Bojan Bogdanovic he said after the game in Philadelphia. “We have to be more solid to give us a chance to stay in the game without those bad mistakes.”

The Pistons have enough and plausible excuses to explain this season so far. It’s hard to win as a young team in this league, especially when big minutes are being allocated to a group of early 20s (and teens). best player in the team, Kid CunninghamAnd the out of season. It cannot be underestimated. Detroit has played the most games of any team (34), and more of those have been on the road than at home.

It’s all understandable, but some of these latest shows can’t be to blame. Youth can’t be the reason a team makes three turns before crossing its half of the field, as Detroit did against Philly. Pistons won Nuggets And the Jazz On consecutive nights in November without Cunningham, so it could be done. the Charm, another rebuilding team, has played one game fewer than Detroit but has been 7-3 in its last 10 games. Young missiles beat the 76ers, dollars And the suns within eight days. Detroit has seen long periods of improved play this season, but they have come and gone. Taking two steps forward and four steps back was the Pistons’ favorite dance.

This is all part of the rebuilding process. No team is immune to it. However, believe it or not, Detroit is better than what has been shown over the past two weeks. The Pistons spoke for themselves with multiple impressive performances during their Western Conference trip at the end of November. It could be better than this.

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What he misses most during his four-game losing streak seems to be pride, said head coach Duane Casey. Letting something happen once is one thing. Allowing it to happen over and over again is another. After he led the Pistons Kings At halftime last week, Sacramento came out and outgained Detroit by 15 going into the third quarter. When the game was over, everyone talked about the decisive factor in this. He was fresh in everyone’s mind two days later when he was networks He came to town. The Brooklyn Hot Pistons led at the half. Then led Kevin Durant And the Kyrie IrvingThe Nets scored 44 points in the third quarter and won those 12 minutes by 19 points. And two days later, with Detroit trailing by just one going into the third, Utah ahead of the Pistons by nine going into the third.

All week, all the players talked about what to do. However, nothing has changed.

“We go out in the third, and for whatever reason I can’t put my finger on it, we start slow, we start slow, and then it’s a whole different game,” Marvin Bagley III He said. “They fight again, and then we find ourselves in these situations where we have to dig ourselves out of the hole. We have to figure out how to keep those leads going. We’re getting leads. We’re top of those games, and we can be whatever team we play on any night.”

“It’s about being locked in and using our brains with it. We have to figure out how to finish games when we have leads, not slack off and not relax. I feel like once you figure that part out, you start to see us win a lot of games that we’ve been out here saying we should have won. It would be We have a lot of these games. We just have to figure it out.”

Learning to win, no matter how trivial it may seem, is real. A team must learn that they can’t always get away with what they did in the first half in the second half. The team must learn that a short two-minute focus break in the third quarter can change the course of the entire ball game. Experience is the only way to gather this knowledge. However, the Pistons know these things. They endured it. Now, it’s time to remember it in the moment – how it feels and tastes when all the hard work done so early becomes obsolete as the clock slowly approaches.

“Good teams win games when we play bad,” said Bogdanovic. “At the moment we have to play really well to win the game. It’s important for the youngsters that we start winning some games so they know what it takes and how to play. It’s hard to learn while you’re losing.”

With all that said, don’t let this latest patch distract you from the fact that rebuilding Detroit is still in a good place. Cunningham will return next season. There are young, sexy pieces that have applied individually this year. The Pistons will likely have another top-five pick in the stacked 2023 NBA draft. Also, Detroit will have some of the biggest space in the NBA this summer. Everything seems bleak now, but things will brighten up as the seasons change.

Meanwhile, the 2022-23 Pistons need to focus on turning this around. Let the fans rave about the possibility of Victor Wimpanyama. The basketball gods will bless whoever they want in the end anyway. Winning means something, even if it feels meaningless in the moment. Ask Bubble Suns. Ask the Orlando Magic or Oklahoma City Thunder. They feel good about what the future holds. Detroit needs a taste of that.

It’s time to walk.

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(Photo by Kevin Knox: Bill Streicher/USA Today)

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