Eight unlucky players are about to turn back


quarters of an inch. That’s all that separates a loud chime from a post from a pause to celebrate.


The NHL tracks the number of times a player hits a post or crossbar only to see the puck deflect off the net, instead.

I think it’s fair to describe the tiny movement required to turn the disk over to the network as a matter of luck. With that premise established, let’s delve into the NHL season so far in an alternate dimension where players who hit metal have already found Grid.

To be clear, this is a look at how many fantasy points a player has now, compared to how many they would have had if all their posts and beams had gone in.

You can look at this as a way of saying, this player is doing something right, and with a little more luck on his side, he might improve his fantasy value in the future. Listed after their name is their current fantasy rank among skaters, what their rank is if all of these bars are goals and how many times they have reached the post. We focus on how much ranking changes rather than gains in fantasy points alone, as they present a relatively more picture. Besides, do you need to hear that in this alternate universe Connor McDavid He has eight more goals and still leads the NHL in fantasy points by a wide margin?

And don’t lose sight of the fact that they could be rated higher than that, because that doesn’t take into account if some of those goals are another 0.5 fantasy point for being on special teams. Stats were cut after Sunday’s game (December 18).


Alex OvechkinW, Washington Capitals (Current rank: nine; Alternate universe rank: Four; Jobs: eight): With eight tubes this season in Our Universe, Ovechkin jumps into the top five for fantasy productions in This Other Universe with transcendent webs. He’s been a little slow out of the gate and is still a little behind the others on a per-game basis since the Capitals have played the most games, but Ovechkin is warming up at the right time. Why? Reinforcements are on the way. Tom Wilson is chasing a potential return later this month (last season’s top hat line was Ovechkin, Wilson and Evgeny Kuznetsov), while Niklas Backström is now eyeing a return, possibly in January.


Kyle ConnorW, Winnipeg Jets (37; 16; eight): I love this other universe. Doesn’t Connor’s 16th in fantasy scoring feel a lot like you’d expect him to pre-season? After scoring 47 goals in his 25-year-old season this year, it was probably his peak. Connor has been better this season when paired with him Pierre Luc Dubois instead of Mark Shevell, but the Jets continued to absorb casualties into the top six. However, watching these eight posts from Connor helps make him feel like a low-bought candidate despite his ranking inside the Top 40 already.

William NylanderW, Toronto Maple Leafs (35; 20; seven): This is also a significant jump in the world rankings as Nylander has struck iron seven times this season. Now closed with Austin Mathews In the Leafs’ top line, the streak has reached the top ten in the NHL for goals per 60 minutes at five-on-five (4.72, per MoneyPuck). But there’s more we could see from Matthews helping lead Nylander at five-for-five after his streak hit 6.6 goals-per-60 last season.

Vincent TroshekC, New York Rangers (61; 26; nine): Well, well, well. If this isn’t a pleasant surprise in this alternate universe, Trocheck is close to breaking into the top 25 fantasy skaters. Nobody grills iron more than Vinny here. This isn’t as shocking as you might think, as Rangers as individuals and lines are all over the analytical leaderboards to anticipate and own this up. I think the Rangers just haven’t had much luck in this campaign and in this alternate universe they are much higher in the standings. A quick arithmetic certainly shows that no team has reached more appearances than Rangers this season (38). trochic, Artemy Panarin and even a Chris Kreider Steeping from 52 goals scored, everyone feels like solid acquisitions if they drop in price from draft day.

Elias PetersonC/W Vancouver Canucks (18; 13; seven): The Canucks catalyst (straight losses 5-1 with him in the past few days) is doing more in our alternate world, moving out of the top 13 skaters and making a case as a first-choice fantasy tour in the years to come. The jump from 14 to 21 goals is quite a lot for Peterson in this universe considering that 32 goals is a career high.

Joel Erickson MIC, Minnesota Wild (78; 56; four): Still only listed in 77.6% of ESPN syndicates in our world, you just know Ericsson IC is world-listed in the alternate dimension with forgiving pipes. He jumps out of the top 50 skiers thanks to his four knocks out of position this season. playing with Marcus Foligno And the Jordan Greenway As a danger/energy line, Ericsson Ek also joins the power game with the big guns.

Patrick KaneW, Chicago Blackhawks (198; 139; five): I mean, we wouldn’t be happy with Kane’s 139th ranking among fantasy scoring skaters, but admittedly it’s better than the 198th he has in our world. Honestly, Commerce can’t come close enough when it comes to those looking at the league through a fantasy lens. We have a lot of fantasy leagues in Dynasties too, so I’m not unsympathetic to what the Blackhawks do. But it’s as much fun in the NHL as it is in fantasy when you know you’re playing for next season.

Tyler TufoliW, Calgary Flames (137; 86; six): That’s where all those goals went! The Flames top line going into the season looked great on paper and Toffoli was a target in the fantasy given his new role with Elias Lindholm And the Jonathan Huberdeau, in addition to the record he achieved in the epidemic season. But as a streak, this trio somehow only managed three goals on five-for-five. Just imagine if all six of Tofoli’s posts were fives and fives (plus some fours from Lindholm and Huberdeau?). It’s hard to undo Toffoli as a low-price buy, as the Flames tweak their lines on a weekly basis still looking for this explosive trio.

Quick hits

Cole CofieldW, Montreal Canadiens (Current rank: 84; Alternate universe rank: 59; Notations: four): In Another Universe, we get to see exactly how big of a deal Cafield will be when the Hab emerges from the other side of this rebuild. He flies.

Troy TerryW, Anaheim Ducks (101; 78; four): It’s only four starts, but in a season like the Ducks, we certainly wish Terry had four more goals.

Pavel BukhnevichW, St. Louis Blues (188; 160; three): If you run these stats on a minute-by-minute basis, Buchnevich could jump to the top of the list because he missed nine of the team’s 32 games. Big business goal.

Riley SmithW, Vegas Golden Knights (89; 61; four): Another potential target for continuing production, which hasn’t come out yet Jack Eichel was on the shelf.

Johnny GoudreauW, Columbus Blue Jackets (106; 82; four): with Bon Jenner Now marginalized, there is cause for concern for Gaudreau. Having said that, maybe a beginner can take advantage.

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