Ellis is unlikely to play for the Flyers this season due to a back injury

Voorhees, NJ – Ryan Ellis He is not expected to play for the Philadelphia Flyers this season due to a muscle tear in his back.

“Ryan Ellis will be out indefinitely and there is no timetable for his return to play,” general manager Chuck Fletcher said on Thursday. “I suspect he will not play this season. If he does, it will be a bonus.”

Fletcher said the injury also affects multiple areas in the abdomen and surgery doesn’t seem to be an option.

“I know we may have been vague in describing the injury, and I think we called it multifaceted, and it is,” he said. “There’s a psoas component to this, there’s a hip component, there’s an adduct component, so I’m not sure if you go in and fix one part, it’s going to fix everything we’re trying to work with. Trying to get everything back, rehab everything again. I’ve never heard of An injury like this. It’s very complicated. A lumbar tear is a very big hockey injury, a very rare injury, so we are doing our best and I will leave it to the medical experts.”

When asked if this was a career-threatening injury, Fletcher said: “It’s definitely a possibility.”

The Flyers acquired Ellis, 31, in a three-way deal with the Nashville Predators and the Vegas Golden Knights on July 17, 2021, hoping to have the right-footing element in the top defense pair with a left-footed shot. Ivan Provorov. Ellis played four games last November 13.

“Rehabilitation, there have been tides,” Fletcher said. “I think he made progress earlier in the summer. I would say in the last couple of months there haven’t been any clear signs of progress. It was a frustrating injury. Nobody is more frustrated than Ryan, nobody wants to play more than Ryan. But we’re dealing With the reality now that he’s not skating, so obviously he’s still far from playing.”

Sean Couturier Fletcher said he’s seeing a specialist Thursday for a second opinion on his upper body injury. It is week to week.

The 29-year-old center underwent back surgery at the end of the season on February 11 and said on September 12 that he was fully approved for training camp. But since then, Couturier has started to feel more pain than usual.

Fletcher said he wasn’t sure if Couturier’s current problem was related to his back surgery.

“I know it’s in the same area as the last injury,” Fletcher said. “I know he was following the medical directions of our doctors and medical staff. I know over the summer he was getting better, but every now and then he had some nervous irritability in his muscles. A normal part of the process, he kept training and at some point during the last week things deteriorated, and he arrived So much so that he wasn’t sleeping either and was in some pain.

“What caused that? I don’t know. Was it a recurrence? Was it an injury again? Did it not completely heal before? I don’t know. It’s a hard injury. … There is a whole host of ingredients affecting your back”

straight ahead Joel Farabiwho underwent surgery to replace an artificial disc on June 24, was on the ice on the first day of training camp but was not allowed to contact him.

The striker finished fourth in the Flyers with 17 goals in 63 games last season.

“I feel really good,” Farabi said. “I’m talking constantly with my doctor and the guys here. Can’t confirm what my schedule looks like just yet, but right now, I’m feeling really good. I’ve been up a bit and stopping on the ice here for the last time a month, so definitely getting my body to where it is.” It should be and keep moving from here.”

straight ahead Patrick Brown He had back surgery during the rest period and week to week.

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