Enduro and E-enduro expansion for the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup



the International Cycling Federation (UCI) and Warner Bros Discovery (WBD) have announced that the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup will be extended from 2023 with the introduction of enduro and E-enduro to the calendar. This follows the recent confirmation that the cross-country marathon will be added to the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup.

The current Enduro World Series (EWS) has been upgraded to UCI World Cup status and will appear alongside Olympic cross country (XCO), short track cross country (XCC), downhill (DHI) and marathon cross country (XCM). All enduro events in the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup will be one-day events.

The International Cycling Union notes that … Enduro racing consists of several timed special stages – mostly downhill – and contact stages to get to the start of each special stage. On each special stage, riders start individually at regular intervals, with all their recorded times added to determine the winner.

To get to the start of each of the special stages, riders cover contact stages either by bike or with mechanical assistance (chair lifts, trucks, etc.). The contact stages are not timed but riders must reach the start of the next special stage within the allotted time.

New to every round of enduro racing in the 2023 UCI Mountain Bike World Cup will be a points system for each special timed stage. The general classification according to the points earned will determine the riders’ standings in the last special stage, where the rider who has accumulated the most points starts last.

The E-Enduro follows the same principle but the courses will be slightly different, including challenging, technical climbs that match the attributes of an Enduro e-Mountain bike.

The incorporation of enduro and E-enduro into the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup is another development for the discipline since the UCI’s partnership with ESO Sports and Discovery Sports Events, two of Warner Bros Discovery’s specialty sports organizations.

The incorporation of the cross-country marathon into the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup program and the introduction of the under-23 categories for short track cross-country was announced in September.

Another improvement to the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup from 2023 is increased screen time for elite downhill competitions thanks to the introduction of two semi-finals in each downhill round between qualifying and the final. Featuring the top 60 elite men and top 15 elite women qualifiers, the downhill semi-finals will see men outside the top 30 and women outside the top 10 enjoy broadcast coverage for the first time.

40 elite competitors (30 men and 10 women) will qualify for the final, with the goal being to stream each of the 40 races in full live on Warner Bros Discovery platforms.

In addition, thanks to the increased participation of young women, a qualifying round will be offered for this category, with the fastest 10 making it to the final. The competitions for young men and women will also be broadcasted for the first time.

UCI President David Lapartenet said, “The UCI Mountain Bike World Cup has been delighting athletes and fans for over 30 years with multiple rides held across the world throughout the season.

“I am delighted that this international series will also include Enduro, E-enduro, and cross-country marathons from 2023. These formats will add a new dimension to the revitalized series that takes the mountain bike discipline to greater heights.”

He added, “Also thanks to our partnership with Warner Bros Discovery, the amazing downhill race will benefit from increased exposure that will appeal to existing fans and attract new ones. I can’t wait to see the new UCI Mountain Bike World Cup from 2023.”

Chris Paul, CEO of ESO Sports, said, “Mountain bike racing has reached an incredible level over the past few years, and this development will allow the sport’s rulebook to once again change the pace and accelerate into an exciting new future, celebrating the sport in all its forms.

“With more short track races and a new downhill semi-final, fans will be treated to more excitement than ever before. Awarding a UCI World Cup status to the Enduro, E-enduro and cross-country marathon competitions will also highlight the amazing mountain bike formats These allow us to push the front end of racing while keeping amateurs involved in many of our events.

“Together with the UCI, we believe these changes will help broaden the appeal of mountain biking and enhance the racing experience for athletes, teams and fans alike.”

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