Esposito and Arrizabaleta at the Spanish Open

Golfers Hugo Esposito and Alvaro Arrizabaleta will play the 2022 men’s Acciona Spanish Open between October 6-9, which will take place at the Villa de Madrid Country Club, after securing tickets for the Spanish pros who were at stake in the previous row last weekend at the National Golf Center.

Esposito and Arrizabaleta both finished two high-profile rounds, with 65 (-7) and 66 (-6) shots respectively, which will help them play what will be their first tournament on the DP World Tour, the European circuit.

The first pass was made by Hugo Esposito, who was the best of the day, with a very high performance. Except for hole 7, he got a little birdie between 3 and 10, making only one bogey all day, at 15.

Remarks by Hugo Esposito and Alvaro Arrizabaleta

“I am an ordinary player, I have not done extraordinary things neither in my career nor now that I am a professional.

Those who are not at the top ‘must fight hard for opportunities like these, and now is my time,’ Esposito told the Royal Spanish Golf Federation (RFEG), the golfer who will play in the ACCIONA Open de España, which ended up being Alvaro Arrizabaleta. , after beating Victor Jimenez, Sergio Parego, Alvaro Hernandez, Jose Luis Adaraga and David Salguero.

The Colombia-born Spaniard scored six birdies between holes 6 and 13, a streak that ended up being the basis of his victory. “I told myself I had to look for the bird, and I did. I’m very happy, I haven’t competed for four months and I was really looking forward to it,” Arizapaletta said.

Originally called the Spanish Open, it belongs to the European PGA Tour calendar, and is the main golf organization in Europe, since 1972, 4 with the exception of 2017, when it was not organized. 3 It is one of the most in the world, and the third oldest in the world. Continent after the British Open and the French Open.5 Frenchman Arnaud Massy was the first winner of the tournament, he celebrated 72 holes played in two days at Real Club Puerta de Hierro from Madrid.6 7 Among its historical champions are players such as Arnold Palmer, Seif Ballesteros, Sergio Garcia, Bernard Langer, Nick Faldo or John Ram and others.

The most successful was Ángel de la Torre of Córdoba with five championships between 1916 and 1925. The Spanish Open, in its women’s and men’s version, follows the typical Stroke Play format, that is, a 72-shot course over 18 holes played four times over four days.

The tournament is governed by the rules issued by the Royal Spanish Golf Federation and its own rules by the committee responsible for its organization. After all players have played half of the course, two days of 36 holes, a cut is made, i.e. players who have made more than a certain number of hits are eliminated.

The players who “pass the pieces” are those with the fewest hits (those players associated with the player with the worst score are included). In its male version, the cut is done by 65 players + a draw. In its women’s version, only 60 players pass + a draw.

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