Even Stephen Curry is down 2-0 against world champion Canelo Alvarez after their battles on the golf course

Stephen Curry is enjoying his time after winning his fourth NBA championship last season. Mostly, the Golden State Warriors guard can be seen on the golf course. Curry has always captivated spectators with his unusual shooting. Off-season though, he suspended his talents and took some time to hone his golf swing.

Curry has been involved on the golf course with some of the big names. One of them is Mexican boxer Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. The two stars from two completely different sports worlds found common ground on the golf course last year.


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Canelo Alvarez He is famous for his ability to break skulls in the boxing ring. However, he has built a reputation as a strong golfer and has stated that he intends to Retires From boxing at 37 to playing the game every day. That’s how much the fearsome boxer enjoys this sport. However, when Curry faced off on the golf course, instead of hitting a few balls together, they decided to show off.

Alvarez took to Instagram to share a video of him and a human sniper engaging in some hilarious altercations. Curry can be seen in the video throwing a punch at Alvarez, but he misses. Instead of facing a punch on his own, the boxer decided to surprise Curry with one of his old tricks.

Alvarez kept the MVP of the Finals guessing at his phenomenal hand speed and continued to slap his hat. The boxer did it so fast that the warrior star couldn’t understand it and even thought of making a move. All he could do was roll his head around laughing and address the fact that the boxer got it.

Interestingly, this is not the first time that Alvarez has outdone Curry with his impressive reflexes and speed.

Canelo Alvarez caught Stephen Curry by surprise by the same trick

Before being associated with the golf course last year, Stephen Curry And Canelo Alvarez played golf in 2020, too. Interestingly, each of their esports legends got involved in a terrifying sparring, in which the NBA player was caught with the same ploy.

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The sequence of events was almost identical. Alvarez, once again showing the incredible speed of his hand, slapped Curry’s cap. His reaction was the same as last year, turning his head with a laugh.

Curry must have understood, having fallen for the same trick, that it is very difficult to keep up with the speed of Alvarez’s hand.


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However, the two share a great relationship, with Stephen Curry showing his support and respect for the boxer after his victory over Gennady Golovkin In the third rivalry match.


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Alvarez won the fight by unanimous decision and successfully defended his titles. Curry, who will begin his 14th NBA season in his next campaign, will want to do the same.

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