Explain the most bizarre reasons why NBA players miss games


the Detroit Pistons Confrontation Chicago Bulls in Paris on Thursday, and they almost did without her early ascendant Galen Doreen.


As of yesterday, according to James Edwards III the athleteYoungest player in the league (19 years, 61 days) not currently with the team because he lost his passport. Fortunately, for the Pistons and Doreen, the situation has been rectified and He was able to reunite him with the team In Paris on Wednesday morning.

For Detroit, order is now restored. But still, this situation is just too comical to ask – was this the most bizarre reason why an NBA player would miss a game?

Let’s take a look at some timers and see for ourselves.

Sleepy Samuel d’Alembert

Let’s be clear, Samuel d’Alembert never slept through a real game. no no no. But in 2014, the twelve-year-old veteran fell asleep through a shootout. Then, a few days later, he was late for a workout because he hit the snooze button too many times, Which forced his team at the time (Dallas Mavericks) to suspend him due to a match.

Grandpa Duncan

For twenty years, Tim Duncan was the economic power over the dynasty San Antonio Spurs. During the end of that race, Coach Gregg Popovich devised a load management strategy to keep Duncan’s aging body fresh for the postseason.

And in one of the regular season games in 2012, Popovich decided to add a little humor to the strategy – Inclusion of Duncan as a DNP – Old. DNP stands for “I have not played,” and old means, well… you get the idea.

Did you know NBA players can’t ride scooters?

Did you know that under the league uniform players contract, It is illegal for an NBA player to ride a motorcycle? number?

Well, apparently neither did Monta Ellis. In 2008, Ellis, fresh from a $66 million extension, He injured his ankle in a low-speed motorbike crash. And unlike the other players we highlight, this cost Ellis not just one match, but 30, as the team decided to suspend him for 30 matches for breaching the terms of his contract.

You are only 28 years old

As part of the rehabilitation process He suffered an anterior cruciate ligament rupture in 2013Rajon Rondo did not play back-to-back return matches during the 2013-14 season.

And, as fate would have it, tied to the lottery Boston Celtics They were playing the second game of a back-to-back match on Rondo’s 28th birthday. The next day they were just in Los Angeles to play Lakers.

Naturally, knowing that he wasn’t playing anyway, Rondo felt it was wiser to do so Completely skip the game He is enjoying himself in the City of Angels. It’s funny, but we can’t really blame him for this, because who wouldn’t want to spend their birthday in LA?

Duren isn’t the first player to have passport problems

If Doreen’s excuse for almost no game sounds weird, it will. But if he misses Thursday’s game, he wouldn’t even be the first center in NBA history to do so due to passport issues.

Jermaine O’Neal – coincidentally, another talented big guy who got into the league at a young age – also had it Passport error while his team was traveling to play Toronto Raptors.

However, this did not happen as a teenager in the league. This occurred during his 35-year-old season (his final year in the league) with the Golden State Warriors in 2013-14.

Unlike Doreen, O’Neill did not lose his passport, but rather left it at home. As a result, he was denied entry to Canada, which rendered him ineligible to participate in the game.

For more updates on Duren and the Pistons, be sure to check out SB Nation’s Detroit Bad Boys page.

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