Fans are roasting Patrick Reed for threatening a $450 million lawsuit against CNN


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To call the professional golfer Patrick Reed Polarization It will be huge low.

It seems that no matter what he does, golf fans have opinions of him—and they’re usually not so positive.

Of course, he doesn’t help matters when he does things like He filed a $750 million lawsuit v. Golf Channel’s Brandel Chamblee (later revised to $820 million) and repeatedly He does things on the course which some believe is cheating.

Not that any of that slows down Captain America. He has nine wins on the PGA Tour and last summer signed a lucrative new deal to play with LIV Golf.

And it’s those comments about that very bond that have Patrick Reed in a rage again, as he threatens a $450 million lawsuit.

Reid seemed to take these remarks with great offense Created by Jake Tapper and Bob Costas during a recent segment on CNN.

In a letter sent to the media by Reed’s lawyers at Klayman Law Group to Tapper, Costas, CNN CEO Chris Licht, and CNN general counsel David Vigilant, attorney Larry Kleiman writes…

Late last week, CNN and Jake Tapper, along with CNN sports reporter Bob Costas, aired a highly defamatory segment titled, “The Court Fight Between PGA Tour and LIV Golf Escalates as Saudi-backed LIV tries to avoid turning over information.”

This broadcast, which was widely watched in Florida, the state and the world, was not only defamatory, but also designed to incite ridicule, hatred and violence against LIV golfers, such as my client Patrick Reed, the world champion professional golfer, by posting “blood money” From the Saudi Public Investment Fund, in the aftermath of the tragedy of the twenty-first of September twenty-two (22) years ago. The article also, at the very least, falsely indicates that he is using a lawsuit, to which he is not even a party, to mine data and track down, intimidate, and harass the families of the 9/11 victims. Broadcast republishes with careless disregard for the truth, A.J Before bloomberg Articleand points to bloomberg Broadcast article. See attached file.

At one time, I knew Jake Tapper as a fairly honest journalist and commentator, but after the election of President Donald Trump, he sold his soul to the CNN hierarchy, then headed by Jeff Zucker, a rabid Trump hater. Since then, CNN and Tapper have both been on-screen
The crusade to destroy Trump, which obviously appeals to CNN’s left-wing viewers in general, is cashing in on the network. Interestingly, the person with the last name Zucker is referred to in the topic broadcast.

While CNN CEO Jeff Zucker has since been fired for alleged misconduct with one of his subordinates at CNN, his legacy as a Trump hater lives on and Tapper continues his vicious attacks on Trump and not just anyone and anything associated with him, such as LIV Golf, Which simply played two events at the ex-president’s golf courses in New Jersey and Florida last year, which LIV Golf paid for.

Needless to say, in addition to all other misleading and false statements about LIV Golf in the broadcast of the subject, amounting at a minimum to defamation per se, defamation in general, defamation by implication under Florida law, having described Mr. He “belongs to him” as a player of LIV Golf, and thus the recipient of “blood money” As Tapper put it, this libel is clearly actionable for Mr. Reed.

Mr. Reid does not take “blood money”, as he is simply playing a round of golf funded by the Saudi Public Investment Fund, which also owns significant shares in countless US companies such as Disney, Boeing, JPMorgan Chase, Amazon, BlackRock, Microsoft and others. a lot. In fact, many of the PGA Tour sponsors benefit from this investment fund, and PGA Tour players recently secured versions of the PGA Tour to play at the Saudi International Golf Championship in Jeddah, on February 2-5, 2023, also funded by the Saudi Public Investment Fund. Aramco, the oil company owned by the government of Saudi Arabia, also sponsors and funds a number of LPGA events. Are female golfers accused of taking blood money, too?

Therefore, Tapper, Costas, and CNN understand that if an on-air public apology is not made to Mr. Reid immediately and the broadcast removed and pulled from CNN’s websites, broadcast services, and other forms of publication, in order to mitigate the harm he has caused, in addition to To the discipline imposed on Tapper and Costas, we reserve the right after five (5) days to sue Tapper, Costas and CNN pursuant to Florida Statute 770.01 for damages in excess of $450,000,000 which includes actual, special and punitive damages.

Kleiman also attached a separate letter to Michael Bloomberg and journalist Eric Larson, which read in part, “…on behalf of Mr. Reed, his family, friends, and colleagues, I ask you to immediately remove this article, issue a public apology and severely discipline reporter Eric Larson, who has subjected Lives are at risk and most likely in bed with the PGA Tour, as an integral part of his anti-competitive actions.

“If there is no immediate retraction, apology and severe discipline of Mr. Larsen, we reserve the right to sue you, Mr. Larsson and Bloomberg LP and the related business entities after five (5) days.

“Judge yourself accordingly.”

Golf fans are starting to freak out on Patrick Reed’s latest legal maneuver.

Thinking of starting an “I’m sued by Patrick Reed” T-shirt business, another golf fan chirp.

“Patrick Reed is the softest person in history,” comment else.

Patrick Reid is going to start suing people who like mean tweets about him. joked another fan.

“What if Patrick Reed went to LIV just to fund all these lawsuits?” Another fan Requested.

to updateCNN responded with a statement…

This is a frivolous lawsuit, designed to stifle free speech and intimidate journalists from covering important stories about the Saudi government and the Saudi-backed LIV golf course. CNN will vigorously defend its reporting that did not mention the plaintiff in its coverage.”

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