Fans have responded to Dejounte Murray’s comments about his time with the Spur


The former Spurs hurled criticism at Spurs and made an exception for fans.


SAN ANTONIO — Former San Antonio Spurs guard DeJaunt Murray didn’t hold back on his thoughts on playing for the Spurs during an interview on “All The Smoke.”

Murray joined hosts Matt Barnes and former Spurs Stephen Jackson to chat about his time in the NBA and his path to becoming a professional player.

From the start, Murray weighed in on his time with the Spurs before being traded to the Hawks in 2022.

The interview is long but here is a sampling of comments Murray made concisely:

  • He felt Spurs played mind games with him when it came to his playing time early in his career
  • He felt that Tony Parker didn’t like him getting the first job and that Parker should have stayed in San Antonio to direct him.
  • How boring watching Tottenham was when he was growing up
  • That Tottenham’s success is a by-product of Tim Duncan’s presence
  • He wanted to be traded out of San Antonio early in his career
  • How Duncan, Gregg Popovich, Manu Ginobili, and Parker ignored him when he got to San Antonio
  • That he was offended that the team was playing with others in front of him

You can see files Full interview here But note that there is a lot of abusive language used during the interview.

However, Murray made it clear that he viewed Spurs as “greatness”, complimented Ginobili for being a great team-mate, and included Duncan in his top 5 best players of all time.

Note that he also made it clear many times that the spurs saved his life.

Regardless, fans of Silver and Black did not respond to the majority of Murray’s comments and shared them on social media.

To add more fuel to the fire, Jackson cast a shadow over the residents of San Antonio regarding the residents’ state of health.

The Spurs drafted Murray in 2016 as the 29th overall pick.

The Spurs traded him to the Hawks for Danilo Gallinari, three first-round picks, and a swap in 2022.

Recall after he was traded, he made other comments on social media about the future of Tottenham and how there are other issues with the organisation.

And in case you were wondering when Murray and the Falcons will arrive in San Antonio, it will be March 19th.

What Murray said about Tottenham is a lot to take apart and you can tell us what you think on Twitter at @KENS5 and on @tweet.

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