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It’s a nightmare or a dream when the New Jersey Devils visit the Carolina Hurricanes on Tuesday. How do you play a game like this? The Hurricanes are Corsi’s No. 1-for-60 in the NHL this season (five over five) and the Devils are No. 2. As for Corsi’s 60, well, the Hurricanes are No. 1 and the Devils are No. 2.


So both teams are the best possession teams in the NHL. What happens when an unstoppable force meets an inanimate object?

I had to go back to the 2016-2017 season for the last time, the same two teams are leading in Corsi for and Corsi against. It was the Boston Bruins and Los Angeles Kings. They met on February 23, 2017. It was a 4-1 win by the Bruins, but it is notable that only one of the five goals came with the same intensity (two power plays and two empty nets).

So, best guess? A low-scoring affair between two teams who want to dominate the puck with power play making the difference. But with the potential for hurricanes to lose their best striker (Sebastian Oh Still day in and day out), we really have to give preference to the demons here.

Elsewhere on the eight-game slate, Coach John Tortorella’s current squad is reeling from its most recent past and the Freeway Face-Off gets its first repeat of the season in Southern California.

The Columbus Blue Jackets and St. Louis Blues kick off Monday.Daniel Tarasov And the Jordan Bennington started, and both played well), while the Anaheim Ducks, Tampa Bay Lightning, and New Jersey Devils will play again on Wednesday.

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All times are oriental.

Favorable scoring matches


7 p.m., Wells Fargo Center, Watch live on ESPN+

Twenty percent of the Blue Jackets’ wins this season have come against the Flyers, so it doesn’t matter that they have a winning record in this game. The catch is that Joonas Korpisalo won both matches, but he’s on the sidelines. Daniil Tarasov will likely start on Monday Elvis Mrzelkins in the second half back-to-back crease — and has the worst mark in goals saved above-expected in the NHL this season (-18.0, per MoneyPuck). Maybe the Blue Jackets decide to let Tarasov ride though back to back?

Meanwhile, the mercurial team scored six goals on their last outing on Saturday. The big news here is injury Bon Jenner Will keep him out for four weeks with a healing thumb. exciting rookie Kent Johnson He was immediately thrust into the top-line quarterback role he had been projected to pre-season, in between Johnny Goudreau And the Patrick Lane. They did well as a unit in a tougher matchup against the stars, but came out on the wrong side of Corsi’s fight of the night at 43.8%. However, Johnson played more than 20 minutes, was on the ice for a goaltender push at the end, and even managed to score the Blue Jackets’ only goal of the night with 15 seconds left to nullify the All-Stars’ shooting.

I’m very interested if a) Johnson gets more rope on that line in this game and b) if he does more with the chance.


10 p.m., Climate Pledge Arena, Watch live on ESPN+

Watching the Blues and Vancouver Canucks as I write this, I’m suddenly less than enthused by this game being highlighted as a possible goal game. Why is he here? The Blues are 13th and the Kraken third in goals-for-five for every 60 last month, while the Blues are 25th and the Kraken is 22nd in goals-for-five for every 60. But this Monday’s Blues vs Canucks game has a higher suggested total.

The Blues are just an enigma this season – alternating between igniting their opponents and scoring narrow victories. They seem to be on a winning streak at the moment, so depending on the outcome of this Monday’s match, I might avoid going too deep into the Kraken for fantasy lineups.

Update: Well, both teams still like it now that the Blues found their offense after halftime on Monday. Although they played less than three minutes together in a five-and-five, it is noteworthy Jordan KerroAnd the Vladimir Tarasenko And the Robert Thomas combined for two purposes. We’ll see if this connection stays together on Tuesday. Jared McCann And the Jordan Eberle Both are interesting on Kraken’s part.

Anaheim Ducks at Los Angeles Kings

10:30pm, Square, Watch live on ESPN+

This match takes on a different feel depending on which set of goalkeepers we get. Lucas got it He won two straight wins for the Anaheim Ducks as an AHL call-up upstart, while Phoenix Copley He won two straight wins with the Kings as an AHL call-up upstart. while, John Gibson And the Jonathan Quick She has the 10th worst marks and 5th worst goals saved above expected this season (-5.4 and -11.1). So we could get a couple of starters on a roll or two bog vets — or a combination of the two.

The Ducks, despite Dostal’s recent efforts, are still a good bet for goals, so consider bidding Adrian Quimby Beginning if he is sitting on your chair, while Drew Doty And the Sean Dorsey He should be in line. On the flip side, check your seat John Klingberg As he scored three goals in two games for the Ducks; Ahem, that would be three of his four goals for the season, so it’s no fault of yours if he’s tied up.

Mid-level fantasy strikers

Alexis LafreniereW, New York Rangers (18.3%): lose on Philip ShettleThe player developed after leaving the Sunday game in the second half due to injury. Why? In less than five minutes of action, the line of prospects with Chytil, Lafreniere and Kaapo Kakko scored twice. They have three games in the last three games.

Ivan BarbashevC/W, St. Louis Blues (11.9%): This is just a way to buy access to the best power play unit against a team that allowed 15 power play goals in the last month.

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Deep League / Daily Value Attackers

Alexander HoltzW, New Jersey Devils (0.6%): He was getting big playing time on Saturday and was sitting in Ovechkin’s desk as the Devils pressed with the goaltender pulled – showing that the Devils were looking to let Holtz start his shot.

Danton HeinenC/W, Pittsburgh Penguins (1.1%): With Jason Zucker Still out, Heinen is skating with Evgeny Malkin in the top six.

Carson ColemanC/W Winnipeg Jets (0.0%): Opportunity knocks after a waiver claim from the Kraken properly joined the Jets Blake Wheeler hits the rack. Coleman handles it Mark Shevell And Cole Perfetti is in the lead.

Yernrock StreetC/W, Toronto Maple Leafs (0.5%): Assuming he returns from injury here, Jarnkrok will be needed in the second line with John Tavares and Mitch Marner after the papers were traded away Dennis Malginwhich was recently spotted there.

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Mid-class fictional defensemen

John Klinberg, D, Anaheim Ducks (58.4%): As mentioned earlier, Klingberg has three goals in two games and is – hopefully, finally – ready for the Ducks.

Deep League/Daily Fantasy Defensive Value

Marcus BjorkD, Columbus Blue Jackets (1.5%): The Flyers are in the middle of the pack in penalty kicks this season, so it’s far from a sure thing. But Bjork will be the one on the blue line whenever the Jackets get a chance.

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Cam TalbotC, Ottawa Senators (53.6%): Can he get out of the duel Conor Hellbwick? It’s a tough job. But with the way the Senators are aggressively playing (most chances per game in the last month and second most goals), along with injuries to the top six, it’s possible.

Pheonix Copley or Jonathan Quick, G, Los Angeles Kings (0.6% or 19.9%): When the rubber hits the road, the Ducks allow plenty of goals. Especially if Copley continues his streak, I love Kings for the W.


Rasmus SandinD, Toronto Maple Leafs (11.9%): Just a heads up if you’ve been running with Sandeen since then Morgan Riley Hurt: The Leafs began picking a five-forward power play Michael Bunting Implicated rather than using Sandin lately.

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