First appeal: Todd Haley has a specific concern about the Steelers’ offense; Pat Nardozzi is convinced that Kenny Beckett will be ready

Thursday’s “First Call” has a different view of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ offensive problems from a former coordinator.

Pete’s coach believes his former team QB can get the job done just by letting him play.

Things aren’t great for the Cleveland Browns.

And the New York Yankees did something very unique with the Pirates Show.

them too

There is a lot to blame for overcoming the Steelers offense failure.

Curator Matt Canada and head coach Mike Tomlin designed it. Quarterback Mitch Trubesky is being skewed by the way he manages. The offensive line is under attack for not blocking it better. Nagy Harris returns to the microscope in search of missing holes.

Todd Haley, the Steelers’ former offensive coordinator, thinks a host of other situations deserve some scrutiny. These are wide receivers. He referred to some synchronization between the pass catcher and Trubisky as “dirty” during Tuesday’s appearance on 93.7 The Fan.

“The biggest concern is the receivers,” Hailey said Wednesday. “There’s talent out there. For me, if there’s one thing that stands out, it’s just not on the same page with the midfielder [Mitch Trubisky] and receivers. That should get better.”

It’s an interesting quote because many have absolved the recipients of the blame since Diontae Johnson did some clutching, Chase Claypool was valuable in both the running game and the passing game, and George Pickens only conceded six goals.

But Hayley insists the receivers could be better.

“It’s something that has to be cleaned up because if a midfielder doesn’t trust that a guy will be where he’s supposed to be – when he’s supposed to be there – the blame will be taken.” He said.

The Passing Steelers are currently 28th in the NFL with just 344 yards in two games.

calling for kenny

Lots of Steelers fans want Kenny Beckett to be the Steelers quarterback right now. His Pete coach, Pat Nardozzi, was at the “Jim Roma Show” Tuesday.

While Narduzzi did not go so far as to campaign for the ex-signal caller to take over Trubisky’s duties, he endorsed Pickett’s mindset and state of readiness whenever Panther Alum’s number was called.

“I was fortunate enough to take the (Pet) team to watch the first (Stillers) game before the start of the season,” Nardozzi said. “And he looked like a million bucks. I don’t think there’s any question he’s ready. I think they’re looking for some maturity now and seeing how it’s going. Mitch is a great midfielder, and he’ll be fine. And Kenny will be fine when he’s ready. He’s ready when he’s ready. They say, ‘Kenny, it’s your turn.’…when he’s ready, he’ll embrace it and do a good job for them.”

Since Beckett has not played in the Panthers Peach Bowl against the Michigan State Spartans, he has not thrown a pass during a game with consequences since the December 4 ACC Championship game against Wake Forest.

Down in the Dog Pound

The Cleveland Browns defense held a players-only meeting after the team lost 31-30 to the New York Jets.

Ahead of their game against the Steelers on Thursday night.

During Sunday’s loss, Nick Chappe scored a four-yard run. That gave Cleveland a 30-17 lead with 1:55 remaining. Kicker Kid York missed an extra point.

Jets wide receiver Corey Davis then picked up a 66-yard touchdown pass from Joe Flacco to cut Brown’s lead to six points. New York took the penalty kick. Flacco designed a 9-yard 53-yard touchdown that ends with an award-winning 15-yard touchdown pass to Garrett Wilson.

“Before the full defensive meeting, we had a players’ meeting and just talked about things, and I think the best part about it, in all honesty, is that people are mad at things like that.” Greg Newsom said at 92.3 The Fan In Cleveland on Tuesday, via’s Mary Kay Capote. “There are some teams that are used to it. We’re not used to it and we see all the talent we have in the room, so things like that, they should hurt us and we should go crazy about it.”

Brown also managed to nearly make a big lead the previous week against the Carolina Panthers.

Perhaps they will find things easier against the Steelers’ foul-mouthed attack recently on Thursday night. Or maybe this is the kind of defense the Steelers finally need to see to beat in as many touchdowns in the game.

questionable development

The New York Yankees had another run at home as the bases loaded against the Pirates on Wednesday night. This time it was Oswaldo Cabrera in the first half of a 14-2 blast for the Bucks in the Bronx.

It happened less than 24 hours after Giancarlo Stanton finished Tuesday’s match with a Grand Slam match to win the New York match in a ninth-place finish.

When the Yankees defeated the Pirates 16-0 at PNC Park on July 6, Aaron Hicks and Aaron Judge captured the Grand Slam. That means four major tournaments in one season against the Buccaneers. The last time the Pirates happened was in 2002 when the Cincinnati Reds grabbed four majors in one season.

The Reds hitters who have done so are Jason LaRue, Todd Walker, Jose Gillen and Kelly Stinnett.

The biggest difference is that the Reds needed 18 games to get those Grand Slams, while the Yankees only needed four.

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