Five ideas about New York Jets benches Zack Wilson by Mike White


The Jets will have the new quarterback for at least one game. Mike White took over for Zack Wilson on Sunday against the Bears.


Here are some of my initial thoughts scattered on the go.

  • You can make or leave the decision. I can probably convince myself that whichever trio of Zach Wilson, Mike White, and Joe Flacco gives the Jets the best chance of beating the Bears. If you were to force me to make up my mind, I might still lean a little towards Zack.

Separate from the decision is the message it sends. I’m sure you could come up with any number of implications of Robert’s decision for Saleh, but one word jumps out at me, impeachment.

Teams always claim to treat all players equally regardless of their salary or position. This, of course, is nonsense. Good players get more space than bad players. Higher priced players get more space than inexpensive players. High draft picks get more space than low draft picks. This is the way. This is the way it always will be.

No player gets more leeway than a highly drafted quarterback. These players are given every chance of success. All excuse them when they fail. There is too much at stake for not giving them every chance.

You can disagree with the exact decision on Zach Wilson’s seat, but I think the planes send a strong message. Even the player they picked as runner-up last year faces consequences when they fail to perform. As someone who has repeatedly complained about a lack of accountability in franchise over the past decade as well, I welcome this development.

  • I think it is difficult for most of us to say with 100% certainty whether or not this is the right decision. Those who are not in the building every day must consider what I will call the known unknown.

Without being in the locker room, we can’t say exactly where Zac Wilson stands with any certainty. Wilson’s post-game comments on Sunday drew attention. It became clear that there was some resentment towards Zach at least somewhat. Robert Saleh implicitly admitted this in his press conference on Wednesday.

Pass this along to DJ Reed.

The fact that Reed indicated that this “should happen” tells us that something was wrong.

What is Zack’s position in the locker room? None of us really know. Airplanes are motivated to make it look like all is well. The New York media is being goaded into manufacturing a crisis.

We know there is something. We don’t know how bad it is. We don’t know how quickly it can be fixed. We won’t even know if it’s actually fixed. It remains likely that this played a role in today’s decision and will play a role in Saleh’s future decisions in this position.

Another known unknown is Zack Wilson’s current mentality. If you listen to Saleh and take his words at face value (admittedly not always a nuanced approach), it seems the coaching staff only felt Zach could use a week or more psychological break. How Zach progresses will also play a major role in determining if and when he joins the squad. Only Saleh will know this. We are not doing that now and we will not be doing it in the future.

  • The planes tell us that nothing has changed. Still, Zack Wilson is the future of the franchise. Others say there is no way Zack could bounce back from this. Who is right?

Well, at the moment it is not done. For all the talk the Jets give us, at the end of the day they’re really telling us that they think Mike White gives them a better chance of winning an important game this weekend than Zack Wilson. This is a very clear sign of the team’s confidence in Zach being shaken.

At the same time does this mean the end of it? Haven’t you seen a quarterback come back from a bench before? that happens. Given where he is now, the odds are against Zack, but it’s definitely not over.

  • I think we can often be blinded by previous notions. Sometimes I find it helpful to ask, “If I knew what I know now, would I make the same decision?”

If we knew in 2021 what we know now, there was no way Zach Wilson would be the second overall pick. He was much more daring and less pro-professional than Gates realized at the time. You might take a probability like this maybe in the third round.

It was a wasted rating by the Jets. They are not the first team to miss a quarterback evaluation. I tend to think they were far from the only team that was willing to draft Zack Wilson with a high first-round pick.

This choice is gone no matter what happens in the future. With that in mind, I don’t think it’s helpful to think of Zach Wilson as the player the Jets have invested the most in.

The second overall choice signifies elite plug-and-play capability. This is the player who must see the field.

This is not Zack Wilson’s place. If you use the more accurate view that it’s more like a late project on the second day or even the first on the third day, things start to make a lot more sense.

This wasn’t a player who should have started in a year or two. It was a lead that always needed a lot of development time. When you draft a quarterback in the third round, it stands to reason that this would take a lot of time. This player will sit down.

In hindsight, it would always have taken more than two years for Zack Wilson to develop if it ever was. Admittedly, most quarterbacks in the draft never do. Still with the right mindset, we can understand that the Jets have an evolutionary quarterback rather than an elite prospect. With this in mind, I believe the Jets should keep Zach past this season and continue to try to work for him no matter what happens in the position (as long as the salary cap allows).

  • “If you have two quarterbacks, you don’t have either.”

It’s a Bill Parcells quote that has become a cliché in the NFL community. It is often used as a rationale for teams to settle on a quarterback.

Some teams don’t have a quarterback, though. aircraft among them. This is a team with three quarterbacks but no quarterback.

The best approach might be to ride with a hot hand. I don’t think Mike White is going to start every game that’s left. Joe Flacco might get another shot. I think there’s a good chance we’ll see Zack Wilson again before the end of the year.

It may not be the ideal situation, but the center revolving door may be the aircraft’s best shot. Nobody they have is good enough to play steadily for the next month and a half, but they could face a few good games if they keep playing with the better player at the moment.

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