Five of the best matches to take advantage of in the third week

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Table-adjusted fantasy points are allowed, or AFPAhe is 4 vs 4An answer to biased statistics. By removing the bias, we can level the playing field and compare matches in an “apples to apples” manner. As the season progresses, the data will change. Once we reach week 4, the data will give us an initial data set to work with, and at week 12 the data will be a 10-week rolling set.

Until the fourth week, this weekly article will focus on the best plays from before AFPA takes shape. Let’s take a look at the best matches for week 3.

Gauff looked great with 256 passing yards and four passing distances against the leaders in Week 2. The Lions head out on the road for the first time this season and take on a Vikings defense that showed more of their identity in Week Two than in Week One. 496 total yards were allowed for the Eagles week 2 compared to 371 total yards for week 1. Aaron Rodgers He is a better QB than Goff, but it is clear that Goff and his offensive teammates are working more efficiently. He gave me this attack with competent training against a defense that played to take on a class rival, only to fall into what appears to be an elite attack. Detroit has the opportunity to run the ball Dandrey Swift And let the Goff cook Amon-Ra Saint Brown A strong support staff. The Lions have already tried 77 passes and are likely to go over 30 with their defense hoping to slow down Justin Jefferson.

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Despite losing it in week 2, the Houston Texas Dameon Pierce used more and almost bothered Bronco in Denver. Pierce played on less than 29% of the picks the first week and saw action on 62% of the plays the second week. Week three seems like a great week for Pierce (and maybe Rex Burkhead, too) against bears. Chicago was clubbed to the floor in two games, allowing 176 yards and 203 yards off. 49ers And the Packers. Pierce also plays defense familiar to him, training on Lovie Smith’s Cover 2 defense. Bears defensive coordinator Alan Williams has worked with Smith at Tampa Bay and runs parts of the same scheme.

Sometimes it’s as simple as talent shines through. Despite being listed as New York JetsWR4 On the depth first chart, Wilson made his way into the field. Even if it was actually considered their fourth choice in Week Three, the Jets have executed 25% (10) of their passes in their “10” (four WR, one RB) this season, according to Sports Info Solutions. The Jets of “11” pass one of the lowest rates in the league, but it’s safe to say Wilson will play more despite what the team’s website says about his place in the depth chart.

Garrett Wilson announced his arrival with Big Week 2. Fantasy managers can confidently connect him to team lineups after adding him in the exemption wire.  (Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images)

Garrett Wilson announced his arrival with Big Week 2. Fantasy managers can confidently connect him to team lineups after adding him in the exemption wire. (Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images)

There are pros and cons with SteelersA passing attack, Freiermuth was on the positive end through two games. He has 9/97/1 at 17 Objectives And he gets a Brown defense that will be reductive and has already allowed the tight ends to accumulate fancy points. The ghost of Ian Thomas finished the first week with the most fantasy points since week four of the 2020 season, and Tyler Conklin Watch nine goals and reach a double-digit fantasy score in PPR formats in Week 2. Freiermuth . was played 85% of shots And you will continue to have the appearance of Mitch Trubesky As long as he is the initiator and does not make bad decisions about passing plays.

Despite injury problems in attack, the Cowboys’ defense does its job and allows Dallas to stay afloat. Defense is the top 10 in yards allowed, yards per game allowed, yards per completion allowed, bags and points per game. Daniel Jones Easy target in imagination. He didn’t throw the ball 200 yards in a game and put the ball in more than enough risk (one wits, one touch). Jones has also been sacked eight times in two games, the same number of sacks as the Cowboys. If the Cowboys Saquon Barkley closed in the same way the Carolina Panthers did in Week 2, Dallas would be in a position to win against a first-class opponent.

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Honorable Mention

Derek Carr @ Titans

Back Bears vs Texas

Tyler Lockett vs Falcons

Jacoby Myers vs. Crows

Chris Olaf @Panthers

Nico Collins @ Bears

Defense Chargers Against Jaguar

Defense Chiefs @ Colts

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